1. V

    How is MSI supporting Sempron on the 970 chipset?

    Hello all, I am not building a new PC, was just going through the specs of a few motherboards on MSI website and came accross: It says that it supports Sempron CPU in AM3 / AM3+ package. Also, it says that the motherboard has AMD 970...
  2. A

    Windows 7 dvd

    I have a Dell windows 7 hp sp1 dvd. i need to install the same on an msi laptop.i hav a spare key but no dvd. someone said that i can make another disk bootable with any laptop from this.i have Linux on my msi currently.. please help. i believe removing the Dell drivers would help. anyone...
  3. masterkd

    MSI introduces first mobo with thunderbolt.

    Source Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note.
  4. MegaMind

    MSI Radeon 4850

    For Sale ! On behalf of a friend. Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:R4850-T2D512 Expected Price: Rs 2,000/- Time of Purchase: OCTOBER 2008 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | 0 Months Reason for Sale: Upgraded to 7850 Purchase Invoice Available: No Product...
  5. gauravranu

    MSI R 6670 MD1GD5 Graphic Card

    MSI R6670 SOLD Sapphire HD6670For Sale Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Sapphire Technology Web Site Expected Price: Rs 4500/- Time of Purchase:3rd March 2012 (Sapphire) Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 2.10yrs (Sapphire)...
  6. techiemaharaj

    MSI HD 5450 1 GB DDR3 - Perfect Condition

    For Sale MSI HD5450 1 GB DDR3 PCIe. Features: A great value for money Graphic Card for HTPC. Extremely Less Power Consumption. Fanless Model, so NOISE FREE. VGA, HDMI and DVI ports. Manual, Guides, Extra Brackets, After Burner / Driver CD. Supports ATI Stream Technology, DirectX 11, Open GL...
  7. saurabh_1e

    Msi 890GXM G-65

    For Sale Msi 890gxm g65! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: MSI 890 GXM Expected Price: Rs 5555/- Time of Purchase: 18-May-2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes/No | 12 months Reason for Sale: Upgrading Purchase Invoice...
  8. F

    MSI Laptops purchase in Pune

    Does anybody know from where can I purchase MSI laptops in store..any would do. I tried contacting numbers given on MSI website but the distributors mentioned there are no longer selling. I am particularly interested in one of the following: GT70 0NC\GT60 0NC\GT 783R\GT 685R...
  9. Ayuclack

    [Praise] MSI India Service (DIGICARE) are The Best

    Recently I Got A New MSI Z68 GD65 B3 With Core i5 2500k ,,, The Problem With The MB Was That From Day one It Has Sound Problems ... Buzzing And All That Things....For 2 or 3 Months I Thought They Were Static ...As I didn't Used My PC Much Then.... But Recently The Sound Increased ...
  10. G

    Msi hd6950 twin frozr iii or zotac gtx 560 ti amp edition

    i want a new graphicscard and i am confused b/w MSI HD6950 TWIN FROZR III OR ZOTAC GTX 560 TI AMP EDITION :-?. My max budget is 15.5K:| please help me people :| THANX:razz:
  11. sanads

    Need gpu for 2k

  12. amruth kiran

    Queries on MSI HD 6850

    I am upgrading my pc shortly and as for my gpu, i'll be taking the MSI HD 6850, my doubts start here. . . Should i take the normal edition or the PE/OC edition? In both cases i am planning to over clock. But is it needed? Most say this card will fly through with most games at high settings ...
  13. Skyh3ck

    [Query] MSI and AMD service center query??

    hi My uncles PC is not giving the Video output. hence i think i need to take it to the service center. th mobo is MSI board and the proccy is AMD 555BE Phenom... Can anyone please telll me the address of MSI and AMD service center in Mumbai.. and do they require the original bill or the...
  14. RiGOD

    Need help on Budget Gaming Rig!!!

    I'm planning to build a mid range gaming rig around Rs.55000. Is this configuration good enough? Intel Core i5 2500 Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz Intel DH67BL / MSI H67MA-E35/ ASUS P8H67-M LX Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6870 2 x G Skill DDR3 4 GB (1333 MHz) Cooler Master Elite 311 Plus Corsair...
  15. koolent

    Can I overclock my processor...??

    Hi my processor is: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @2.8 GHz Wolfdale Technology : 45nm And I need to overclock it.. I am upgrading mu PSU to 430W-500W.. Motherboard : MSI Boston Cooler : Cooler Master Cabinet : Stock (Compaq CQ3070IL) What are the possibilities?
  16. Sujeet

    MSI GTX550Ti 1GB Cyclone II VS. Sapphire HD6770 1GB GDDR5

    Among the MSI GTX550Ti and sapphire HD Radeon 6770 which is better ! Please suggest about the best one on the basis of performance and benchmarks..value for money,etc not necessary! Have to get one for my friend!:lol: Ofcourse it will be used for Heavy gaming ! Specially for handling 3d apps...
  17. T

    MSI Cyclone 6850 PE/OC

    I need to buy MSI Cyclone 6850 PE/OC as soon as possible. The problem is, I couldn't find this card in stock at SMC and Cost to Cost. Any idea from where I could get this card? Thanks!
  18. Skud

    Now, MSI enters PC case market

    The first review is here:- MSI Nighthawk Case Review | Hardware Secrets Looks like they are too attached to the Hawk name. :lol: Some of the highlights as compared to other cases:- 1) built-in 12-in-1 card reader with a USB 2.0 port 2) 200mm fan fitted in left side-panel 3) 3 USB...
  19. pramudit

    Msi afterburner

    Can we msi afterburner to overclock any company(like asus) gfx card or it is specifically for msi card...? Also is there any other alternative to overclock gfx card with voltage tweaking...?
  20. CA50

    MSI 8800GT OC Edition

    STATUS : SOLD to kunal_gupta :)
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