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  1. Zangetsu

    [Android/iOS] BLEACH Brave Souls

    BLEACH Brave Souls Bleach Fans!!! rejoice.. :) X-QPfdm0tfc EXCITING 3D ACTION 3D graphics and simple controls make for free-flowing and fast-paced hack-and-slash action. EPIC SPECIAL MOVES Unleash each Bleach character's unique special moves to carve your way to victory. Special moves are...
  2. H

    The Ultimate Fighter finalist learned first moves from Tekken

    The Ultimate Fighter finalist learned first moves from Tekken | Original-Gamer.com
  3. M

    FIFA skills...........

    I have learnt all the skill moves in the game....i can do it against the PC and online as well. But is it even possible to do things that you see in the youtube??? you know what i mean......A single man skilling out the entire opponent defense. I can get past one defender and in some rare cases...
  4. IronCruz

    USB Gamepad FIFA 12 RS Problem!

    Hello Guys. I bought Enter E-GPV gamepad from FLIPKART. It's really good gamepad for playing FIFA 12. The problem i found was i cannot perform skill moves, i mean RS is not working in FIFA 12. But That same analog stick works fine when went to properties in control panel. I tried regedit steps...
  5. X

    How to use h,j,k,l for navigation in windows ? (Like in linux)

    I want to use these keys for navigation in my windows, especially in my browser. This is how I used to navigate while using vim and it even worked with the document viewer with pdf files. I'm missing it so much as it was so convenient k >> moves up j >> moves down h >> moves left l >>...
  6. M

    7 problem solving questions. Help me answer it.

    In the following problems, Θ = 20 + units digit of your day of birth. For example, if you were born on April 1st, then Θ = 20 + 1 = 21. If you were born on March 30th, then Θ = 20 + 0 = 20. 1. Alok and Bhanu play the following game on arithmetic expressions. Given the expression N = (Θ +...
  7. vamsi_krishna

    How To Use Ps2 Controller On Pc

    HI, i have a xbox360 controller. But i'm also having a ps2 controller(bundled with ps2). Now i bought a ps2 controller to pc converter. He gave me a jack with ps2 controller female port on one side and usb on other side. Now when i connect it to my friend' pc to play DMC4, There is no rumble, no...
  8. skippednote

    Fifa 08 Skill Moves

    Dear friends after all long time fifa 08 is workin fine onmy lappy. I wanted to learn some skill moves in the game like 360 and other. the game is quite difficult to play with keyboard so what would be the price of a gamepad with vib . Thank you all
  9. CadCrazy

    Kreeda Launches 'Dance Mela' Indian Game

    Kreeda Games, an online mass multi-player games company, has launched 'Dance Mela', a mass multi-player online dance game. 'Dance Mela' is a song-and-dance game with some of the latest Bollywood- and international- tracks, and the hippest dance moves weaved into it. Players can select and...
  10. bkpeerless

    How to do nba moves

    In NBA 07 I cant perform any of the nba player special moves with keyboard nor i seem to use the freestyle players. and also canrt pass to specific player help
  11. S

    Computer tackles Rubik’s cube enigma

    From the Hindu Paper, see http://www.hindu.com/2007/08/18/stories/2007081857872000.htm Excerpt: A supercomputer has been working without pause to provide conclusive evidence that the cube can be returned to its original state in no more than 26 moves. The computer took 63 hours to...
  12. quan chi

    mafia help required.please do reply

    guys in the mission 'just for relaxation'.i wait for the truck near the harbour and after that i block its way near the four crossing roads(not far from the harbour).then i take out the driver beat him until he drops the paper.i collect it and as prompted i get the truck and moves to the harbour...
  13. G

    VB6:property moves along list when scrolled by mousewheel

    In XP Prof,when i was running VB6,when i clicked on one of the properties in properties windows and scrolled through mousewheel ,the property selected itself also moves along the list.Why is it so and is there any sol. __________ I don't know it is problem for everyone or appears unique to me.I...
  14. L

    Fifa 07...

    If anybody has tried playing the latest edition of FIFA(07) can u tell me whether the special moves button "z" works? Or if Left Shift works? Seems real difficult to score goals without using the special moves especially after playing Fifa 06 endlessly....
  15. bkpeerless

    last wwe game on pc

    what was the last wwe game released on pc and is it better than raw. is ther anw game on pc with violent street fight and cool moves is there any game like gta (must be lenthy)
  16. bkpeerless

    pc game like raw or any street figh

    i want to no if there is any game based on wwe came after raw for pc. or any game with cool moves and action for pc .
  17. coolendra

    Ne ..Software to record my Game moves ???

    Guys.. oflate i have learnt some cool moves in NBA 06 nd NFS MW... i want to record these moves into my harddisk... is there ne software to record my moves.. ????? plz help .........
  18. C

    mouse problem

    guys i have got a terible thing with my mouse ...my mouse movess only horizontally and does not moves vertically . whats the problem .....plz help
  19. T

    Virus ! Need urgent help to remove it.

    Hello friends, My PC configuration: P4 3.0 HT 512 MB RAM (Kingston) Windows XP SP2 + all updates Problem: Since yesterday I have noticed that whenever I leave any program, for example Internet Explorer or MS Word open on the screen and do not touch the mouse and keyboard for a...
  20. yrana2002

    Raw movelist

    Hey, I've having problems in memorizing the movelist in WWe raw(older version 2002-03). Can anyone give me the movelist for the various moves that can be done. Also, can a superstar give more than 1 kind of finishing moves?
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