mafia help required.please do reply

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quan chi

mortal kombat
guys in the mission 'just for relaxation'.i wait for the truck near the harbour and after that i block its way near the four crossing roads(not far from the harbour).then i take out the driver beat him until he drops the paper.i collect it and as prompted i get the truck and moves to the harbour again.

but the gateman there stops me every time though i have got the paper.

please help to get inside the harbour.


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Dont stop for checking of papers in the beginning...
You have to pickup up some cigarette boxes from the harbor na.. Pick them up in truck and while returning back you have to stop and show the papers at the gate. then they will find out the truth and ask other thugs to get you..Then you have to escape in truck and they will follow you. You have to escape from them.. And then deliver those boxes safely to warehouse.

Played it few years back.. So there might be a mistake somewhere..:)


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actually when i played,i never showed ny documents to anyone.just waited for the truck loaded with cigars n then used to follow it to its destination.from there,by knocking out the opposition,i got hold of the cigars:D.
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