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moto g

  1. R

    Andorid phone for music and camera

    Dear Digitians, My wife needs a new phone. Currently She is using Lumia 520 but as she listens to music a lot, the phone is not upto her expectations. Creating playlist is very time consuming and there is not option to edit playlist like add to queue or remove. I know that 8.1 update is on...
  2. A

    Moto G 4.4.4 update.

    Hey guys I bought my Moto G two weeks back and it works pretty good with no issues so far. Thankfully. Just now I saw my phone got the latest update 4.4.4. Should I install it? News on the internet says majority of the users are facing Wi-Fi drop issues, call drop issues etc. So it is pretty...
  3. K

    Moto G still worth a dekko or Mi3 all the way?

    Hi everyone! Been an incredibly long time since I last posted/commented on Digit forum. :-D Anyway, better late than never.:-D Now coming to the point, is the hyped Moto G still a smartphone that can hold its ground against the likes of the Xiaomi Mi3 and Asus Zenfone 6? One of the main reasons...
  4. TheLetterD

    Buying Moto G/Xperia ZR for Dad, Any long term use issues?

    Hello I am looking into buying a new phone for my dad. Budget is strictly 16K but I just saw that the Xperia ZR is available for 20K on Flipkart so was wondering if its really worth the extra 4K? My main concern is long term use issues and stability, my dad is planning to use the phone for...
  5. A

    Budget 15k mobile needed urgently..

    1. Budget? A: Around 15k 2. Display type and size? A:minimum 4.5" 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? A: BAR TYPE 4. Preferred choice of brand? A: REPUTED BRANDS ONLY 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). A: TOUCH SCREEN 6. What camera option you want? Please...
  6. S

    Buying Moto G from customer care

    Hello everyone! I have recently lost my mobile and have picked Moto G (8gb) for my purchase over Micromax Canvas 2.2 and Micromax Canvas HD. Though the Moto G is available only online the customer care in my area told that the Moto G is now available in his shop. The customer care is registered...
  7. R

    Moto g 16gb or lg l90

    All, Please help me to decide between 1. LG L90 or (Rs.16,600) 2. MOTO G (16 GB) - (Rs.14,000) LG has advantage over Moto in areas of battery, RAM and expandable memory and Moto scores in screen. I need your advice on voice call clarity and Video calling - thro skype and Gtalk...
  8. R

    accessories for moto g

    I'l be buying the moto g soon. i need advise on the accessories that i should order along with it. Protective Case(no flip covers) Headphones (in ear type, preferably with ear clip) Charger Data Cable Screen guard?????(is it required??) all this under 3k
  9. blackpearl

    Rooting Moto G

    This has probably been answered in the past, so please pardon me. I have been going through various rooting tutorials but each one of them says that I have to unlock the bootloader first and doing that will wipe my phone of all data. Someone on this forum tells me that this is wrong. So...
  10. P

    [MOTO G] Flip Cover or Screen Guard and Other Accessories

    Hi folks, Thanks a lot for sharing. Please suggest a good screen protector and a case (flipcover or back cover) for my new Moto G Planning to go for GadgetShieldz @ 320 INR for the Screen Protector. If anyone's planning to buy use the Promo Code : adw20 for the discount. Any Amzer users here...
  11. G

    24 hours with Moto G! (Initial impressions)

    Thanks Flipkart and it's In-a-day guarantee! In the tiny box! Charger - You get the actual charger unlike the international versions of Moto G, which comes with just USB cable. The bundled charger cannot be as an USB data cable. Headphones - Motorola has bundled headphones for India and...
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