Moto g 16gb or lg l90


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Please help me to decide between

1. LG L90 or (Rs.16,600)
2. MOTO G (16 GB) - (Rs.14,000)

LG has advantage over Moto in areas of battery, RAM and expandable memory and Moto scores in screen.

I need your advice on voice call clarity and Video calling - thro skype and Gtalk.

Please let me choose the best among 2.

or I may dive into Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582 - for time being as I might get a high end phone around 40K after June or July 2014. (there are lot other factors which may or may not help me to get new phone for 40K)


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ram is same in both L90 & G. and i doubt battery will make much of a big difference. go for Moto G and enjoy the best budget offering.


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I'd say:

Moto G for the screen, 16GB internal memory(apps will store in internal memory mostly, unless you buy the 8GB version or root it), usb on the go and the possibility of updates(I say possibility because motorola is now owned by lenovo, so chances of google updating it on day 1 are slim).

LG L90 for microsd slot, battery and camera.


My vote goes for Moto G 16GB.

PS: Don't be enticed by the Gorilla glass 2/3, gorilla glasses can be scratched as easily(rub a few pebbles of sand on it), you'll need screenguards for both.

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+1 to Moto G and get meenova/Sandisk Dual for extra space. :)
Not for apps unless rooted.


also, if you don't care about warranty, buy LG optimus g from ebay: *


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Why there is no review about LG L90?



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its very recently launched.. and india is one of the first countries to receive it wait for 10 days for reviews to come up

I would give screen advantage to Lg than moto G

since it is also an IPS panel so both are going to be similar in quality ( color reproduction,, viewing angles ) - assuming it is not of low quality

235 PPI is sufficient not the sharpest but not bad either and you will get more performance in games than Moto G since it will put less pressure on GPU than moto G

ask yourself how important micro sd card is to you ?

Then it has 500 Mah more battery so slightly better backup after compensating for 0.2 inches extra screen .. and the Main Differentiation will be In camera . Wait for sample pics.. i am betting it to be better than moto G atleast... it says 1080p HDvideo recording as well

Design seems to be better of LG ( personal opinion )

LG service is going to be definitely better than moto service. plus if you wait a bit like 10-15 days you may find a better deal at 15000

without an actual review of camera and screen don't decide.. If camera turns out to be better it's worth paying More to LG and it will have more VFM than moto G..

until then nobody can tell which one is better..
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i have moto g and bought my brother LG L90,
LG L90 advantage over moto g -
1.Much better camera than moto g.(my brother teases me coz of this :p)
2.More battery.
3.Light weight(much lighter and slim than moto)
4.expandable card slot.
5.Other LG exclusive feature like knock code(only if u prefer it)
6.ASS(have not experienced, but i think LG must shud have better service than moto at this stage)

and about the display quality, there is not so much difference about it practically, although there is a very big difference between them in PPI, but still that is something you can live with easily.So if you can get L90 for about 16 or closer than yo can go for it if you want those pros.mainly only the camera is much better in L90, so if u want camera quality to be good go for L90 for sure.


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Beware LG , Moto G :machinegun2: is here. This phone is way better than any other mobile phone. It feels super smooth. Absolutely no lag in anything. Gaming performance is also very good. So this means that blind hardware specs have no meaning on performance.

It works both ways ;)


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Rish - do you foresee any new good models coming at this price.

hmm.. that depends upon how long you can wait.

because there is a massive upgrade coming up in august/september in midrange

4g ( will work in india )
Arm v8
Cortex A53 CPU
Faster GPU
all in under 13-15000 Rs from Reputed brands

i am personally waiting for these to come up . The upgrade is worth the wait

In the very near future there is xperia M2 that's just about to launch in 10 days. and coming to windows phone Lumia 730 is due with 1 gb ram and a great Pureview Camera with wp 8.1 and i don't think till august/september there will be any more new launches now. As sony,lg,samsung,moto are already set with their lineups and this chipset has been Spammed as hell . so everyone will be waiting for the new chipset

then Xperia L2 , Moto G2 will be the ones to look out for in september
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