1. avichandana20000

    Slow motion video

    i have a sony hx200v camera. What i need to know is that can i shoot slow motion video with it? there are youtube videos but no mention of the settings procedure. Sony HX200V - Slow Motion Test - YouTub
  2. amjath

    Leap Motion

    1. *Model number and details: Leap motion LM-010, 2. *Date of purchase: 24/07/2013 3. Reason for sale: Not using anymore 4. Warranty details: Limited 1 year warranty [~6 months left] 5. *Expected Price: 5500+Shipping 6. *Location of Seller: Chennai
  3. Flash

    Size of an organism and its metabolic rate ∝ Life in small motion

    If you've ever sat puzzling over a fly's ability to outmaneuver your swift slap of death almost every. single. time—puzzle no more. According to science, you're just measly Agent Smith to the bug's Neo; new research shows that a creature's perception of time is directly related to its size...
  4. S

    Sony 47" W800A vs Sony 46"W950A

    Hey Guys, I have finally narrowed down my choice to these 2 TV's. Here i am just trying to contemplate if it is worth paying the extra 30k for the W950A. I have demoed both the sets and here are my opinion. I used Avengers bluray rip on both the TV's at the showroom. Honestly could...
  5. A

    Motion controlled gaming : XBOX or PS3

    HI Experts , I am planning to buy My FIRST gaming console soley for motion controlled gaming and racing games. What I want to know is that , I have heard Ps Move lags behing kinnect for motion based gaming. so what is true in this sense. ANy Expert or persong who have...
  6. S

    Cities in Motion 2 Released

    Cities in Motion 2 Source Cities in Motion 2 About Cities in Motion 2 (CIM2) is the sequel to the popular mass transit simulation game Cities in Motion. Build, manage and lead your transportation network to provide cities with their ever changing needs. CIM2 introduces new features...
  7. S

    Cities in Motion 2 Released

    Cities in Motion 2 Source ** About Cities in Motion 2 (CIM2) is the sequel to the popular mass transit simulation game Cities in Motion. Build, manage and lead your transportation network to provide cities with their ever changing needs. CIM2 introduces...
  8. NoasArcAngel

    Funniest Skateboard moments. (low bandwitdh warning)

    The Most Hilarious Skateboarding Glitches, Now In Motion see it to believe it :D for the rest visit the website.
  9. D

    Leap Motion

    Leap Motion is developing a motion sensor which has 200 times more precision than microsoft kinect !! and it is as small as a pendrive. and it is expected to be priced for 70$. i think it is quite revolutionary and for further details watch this Introducing the Leap Motion - YouTube or read...
  10. A

    How to make motion detector light / switch

    I want to light up my stairs with a motion detector light or switch to start the lights when somebody walks up or down. Any guide or tutorial available out there that could help me with it ? like this : * helps are appreciated, regards
  11. G

    LG 32LM6200 having Motion Sensing problem???

    hi i bought LG 32LM6200 from flipkart waiting for the product . Cost of that product i bought it is for 41799 + 500 flipkart gift voucher. Now offer is over and the price of this product in flipkart is 47,999 and no freebies from flipkart Is this LG 32Lm6200 is having Motion Sensing...
  12. T

    A little help with upcoming debate please

    Hey guys, I have a debate on 3rd November, and the motion of the house is "It is better to be born rich than talented". Well, since we (our class) is participating in a debate for the first time, we've been told about the motion beforehand, so that we can prepare nicely. I am in the Opposition...
  13. A

    True motion technology

    What exactly is the True motion technology in HD TVs, and does it make any difference to picture quality?:-)
  14. amjath

    The LEAP

    The Leap is the biggest leap to motion sensing device. A look inside Leap Motion, the 3D gesture control that's like Kinect on steroids | The Verge Well I ll pre-order as soon as it hits EU This is freaking awesome Check out an another video "Leap gesture control technology...
  15. vickybat

    Could Sony Buy Leap Motion 3D and use it for the PS4?

    The spoiler has all the info and it looks very interesting as well as promising. Source
  16. A

    PC 4 animation using maya

    my current PC confg is: intel core 2 duo E7400@ 2.80GHz 4gb ram Nvidia quadro FX 580 (512mb) everythin fine doing animation except when i use motion trails... it really become slower.. so...
  17. A

    Motion Sensing Controllers for PC

    After looking at motion sensors for consoles like Kinect, PS Move, i was wondering why there is no popular controller released for PC gaming as well. I was reading about razer hydra. but wondering why there are not many popular devices for pc since there are many more pc gamers than console...
  18. K

    LG LV3730 or Samsung UA 32D5900VR?

    Hello friends..Planning to buy an led tv. After some search I narrowed my selections to these 2 models. Both are Smart TV. Almost all features are some except that LG has magic motion flow remote control. But I guess Samsung has its brand name and gives more quality than LG? I am really...
  19. T

    Need Urgent Help Pls!!!!!!

    Hi everybody. Am new here. Infact its d first time am posting here. I need urgent advice & help to make a career decision. I am a B.Sc student from Arena, i am in the 3rd month of my 2nd year. However, am thinking of leaving it in favour of a Game Development & Game Designing Course of 2 yrs...
  20. ajaybc

    Biggest April Fool Prank by Google :)

    Lol...Try this link and watch the video there Gmail Motion BETA
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