Motherboard around 6-8K ?


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I am helping some one buy a new desktop ...

Can you guys please suggest a motherboard for intel core i5 2500k?

As we are spending heavily on processor and discrete graphics card my mother board can only cost me around 8k max.

I want atleast 2 x8 PCI slots.
Also the board should have a VGA port ...

Thanks !


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JTdhaval, MSI Z68-GD55 is priced @ 9.4K, not 8.7K and Z68 supports better feature set than P67 chipset.
Z68 will let you overclock your K Series processor as P67 chipset.
It will let you use the integrated GPU of Sandybridge processor, a feature, missing in P67.
It will let you Lucid Virue software based dynamic switching between the on-die GPU core and the dedicated Graphics card as per applications' need.
It supports SSD caching, a feature to use small sized SSDs as buffer drive between RAM and HDD, increasing the Read/Write performance by 4 times than that of a HDD.
And there is no P67/Z68 board available @ 6K price range.
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