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  1. B

    Which is the best brand of blank DVDs?

    Hello, can some one advise me on which brands are the best for blank recordable DVDs? I want to record video and make backup of my important data so i need a brand which is reliable and can preserve data for many years. I usually use Moser Baer but i have been having problems with them for...
  2. A

    How's the Moser Baer IVO - 515i Media Player?

    I need a media player with a budget of Rs.4000 and should be easily available(like sony/philips). I've been thinking of the Moser Baer IVO - 515i? Any other options?
  3. R

    Moser Baer LiteOn (DH-20A4P) DVD drive upgrade firmware

    Anybody here has a Moser Baer LiteOn (model: DH-20A4P23C) drive? If yes, know that MB has released new firmware (9M75) for the same. Unfortunately, they dont have a website for this product or support. I got it directly from MB. If anyone has this drive, please do post your experiences...
  4. V

    How to copy Copy protected Moser Baer VCDs

    If you try to copy the AVSEQxx files from a Moser Baer VCD to the hard disk by normal copy-paste method you'll get an error "Parameter is incorrect" when the copying is at the 99.99% and you've to abort the operation. :mad: To solve this problem, simply use Teracopy. Disclaimer : This is...
  5. S

    MOSER BAER DH-20A4P problem

    Hi, I have the moser baer dh 20a4p dvd rw drive. The problem is when i burn cd's it burns at 16x ,but manufacturer claims its capable of burning cd's at 48x.I use nero for burning cd's.How to solve this? Also there are no firmware updates for this drive on the moser baer website...
  6. MetalheadGautham

    Jab We Met - Big catches for Moser Baer Entertainment!

    Jab we Met was released by moserbaer entertainment for Rs. 34(2xvcd) and Rs. 49(DL DVD). a big catch indeed for moser baer, who are getting notorious in india for selling original movies cheaper than duplicates. getting this hit film was a big surprise for all, and I am soon going to watch my...
  7. N

    Dl Dvd's In Chandigarh

    Does anyone here know where can i buy dl dvd's in chandigarh?i've contacted almost all the shops mentioned on the moser baer page and none of them have :( .this is real crap..
  8. CadCrazy

    Moser Baer Nursing Big Ambitions

    Moser Baer has trained sights on the 'nascent' home video market. First, the company went and acquired over 800 Hindi, and over 100 Gujarati titles from Ultra Video. Now, it is mulling cheap VCD- and DVD- players, priced at around Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500 respectively. Moser Baer believes the...
  9. shaunak

    Which media do i use for 20x DVD burning

    I just bought a LITEON 20X DVD burner. The manual says the writer will function at 20x prefectly with "good" media. How do i check the "goodness" of the media?:o Best ask people who have tried. I know it works on Moser Bayer for sure. Can i use any of the following brands: a> amkette b> sony...
  10. S

    Moser Baer is a damn Cheater.

    Moser-Baer India, is cheating the mass , it is currently manufacturing 2nd Class and 3rd Class media. Find it out here on the class tables- http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm I just bought a HP-Blank DVD+RW, the M.I.D is MBIPG101W04 showed in Nero, the HP DVD is a Moser Baer India...
  11. W

    Moser Baer to sell movie DVDs for Rs 34

    http://www.moserbaer.com/he_overview.asp Optical storage and devices maker Moser Baer will foray into the entertainment space through the Indian home video market. According to a release issued by Moser Baer to the BSE, the company will release video content on DVD and Video CD formats using...
  12. nix

    problem with rewritable cd

    i use a moser baer CD_RW. i fill it in w/ MP3's. and there's some space remaining (like 20MB). after a few days, i try to add another song. but i cant: it says it cannot continue multisession because the cd is not rewriteable. i have to erase the whole cd and again put in the old songs along...
  13. GameAddict

    Moser Baer/Verbatim-Max. Overburn Limit

    Hi All, Please let me know your experiences with Moser Baer/Verbatim CD's Overburning(the max you have achieved, any workarounds, tip/tricks. Software used). Also how are the 800 MB CD's? are they compatible with all drives? GA
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