MOSER BAER DH-20A4P problem

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I have the moser baer dh 20a4p dvd rw drive. The problem is when i burn cd's it burns at 16x ,but manufacturer claims its capable of burning cd's at 48x.I use nero for burning cd's.How to solve this?
Also there are no firmware updates for this drive on the moser baer website. Where can i find updates for this drive?


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I too have a problem with this DVD drive Lite On DH-20A4P for the last couple of days. After burning DVD's and putting them back in to check the data, the files are missing. It shows as a CD-Drive in My Computer. But actually the data has been successfully burnt. But somehow i'm not able to view the files burnt or play them.:( :(

P.S.: I used Nero v7 to burn the files at 16x speed. I also tried at the slowest possible speed as well at 6x. But both to no avail.

Please Help.
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