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  1. A

    Spectranet Review East Delhi

    i am using spectranet 20 mbps unlimited for 1249 rs +Taxes 1. It is not for Torrent Users.u will not get good speed(20 mpbs) in torrents spectranet does not support it (it has not mentioned anything Regarding this on their websites) 2.some time it disconnect (mainly in nights)...
  2. Ricky

    Whats your monthly bandwidth usage --- (condition applied)

    Hi, There are already few threads about this kind of topic but I am actually curious to know about your monthly bandwidth usage if you are not into "Torrent" downloading at all with occasional Youtube videos.. For me I live happily with in 10GB limit when its 24/7 on and I don't just...
  3. Cool Buddy

    A new DTH Connection in West Bengal - Airtel of Videocon?

    I wish to take a new DTH connection in West Bengal (Kolaghat). I am very confused about the packages offered by various providers. I don't want to take TATA Sky because of their HD Access fees policy which forces me to pay Rs. 125 even if I want to watch just one HD channel. I was leaning...
  4. C

    Cheap VOIP services to call APAC ?

    I own a startup and make a lot of International calls to my customers in APAC region. Looks like I’ll go bankrupt pretty soon thanks to my rising phone bills. Skype monthly subscription rates are very high. Was wondering if there is a better alternative?
  5. R

    Can I subscribe to Normal SD package while using HD STB

    Hey guys, I have a DISH HD Set top Box. I would want to know can I recharge with a SD monthly package?
  6. Empirial

    BlackBerry launches Rs. 129 monthly plan, offers access to 'ALL BB Services upto 1GB'

    BlackBerry has introduced a low-cost monthly data plan for its subscribers in middle and low revenue generating circles. The Rs. 129 monthly data plan includes access to all BlackBerry services such as e-mail, BlackBerry Messenger, instant messaging, social networking, Internet browsing and the...
  7. T

    Your BB plan?

    Fill the below form to share your plan. Monthly Rental: Space: ISP: Mine: Monthly Rental: Rs. 749 + Tax (Rs. 820 approx.) Space: First 10GB @ 2Mbps then Unlimited @750 Kbps (No Fair Usage Policy). ISP: Tikona Digital Networks.
  8. RON28

    need help for broadband connection

    i need a 512Kbps UNLIMITED broadband connection within RS 500. My friend has a reliance broadband connection and he doesn't need a landline phone. i don't know what is it? sorry i never had any broadband connection before so dont' know anything about it. i stay in pune and if possible i can...
  9. mohityadavx

    Make Textbox Appearon selecting option

    Well I have this a drop down menu like this :- <table> <form name="input_details" method="post" action="promissorynoteprocess.php"> <tr> <td style="padding-right: 10px; float: left; width:150px"> Payment Method: </td> <td>...
  10. A

    Mtnl Charging Rental

    From first of this month Mtnl has started to charge Rs. 50/- rental for wireless modem which they said would be free to unlimited usage customers. Is the beetel modem non refundable cause if it is i would like to give it back and get a new and better router rather than using their useless modem...
  11. N

    $10/year- CPanel/Softaculous/SiteBuilder/R1Soft- 1gb/10gb- 99.9% uptime- 24x7 support

    ExpertWebHost.NET is a premium web hosting company providing affordable shared and reseller web hosting service. We have affordable and well planned hosting plans. Easy upgrades allows the customer to have bigger plan when required. We offer realistic hosting plans and fully allow you to use...
  12. N

    10 dollar/year- 99.9% uptime- 2+ yr old- 24x7 support- CPanel/Fanta/ROR/RVSB/R1Soft++

    ExpertWebHost.NET is a premium web hosting company providing affordable shared and reseller web hosting service. Our hosting plans start from just $1 a month and easy upgrades allows the customer to have bigger plan when required. We offer realistic hosting plans and fully allow you to use...
  13. M

    BSNL launches first urban WiMAX network

    India's Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has launched the country's first urban WiMAX network, in Ernakulam, a district of Kerala in southern India. The network was supplied by Aviat Networks and comprises of 25 base stations. BSNL is initially offering two unlimited tariff plans, with bandwidth...
  14. stellar

    Total Bandwidth Usage

    I am using Broad band connection and its based on data volume use. From where can i see how much i am downloading so that i dun have to pay more than the monthly payment.
  15. P

    I want to open a cyber cafe, Need some guide, Details are Given Below

    Hi there, I want to open it with 5 computer. In my place(Assam) only BSNL is available which costs like wise 512Kbps =6000 monthly 1 mpbs = 9000 monthly 2 mpbs = 15000 monthly * all are in unlimited and money are in indian Rs. So now my questions are 1) What shoud be my System Configuration...
  16. P

    Anyone noticed BSNL reduced Modem Charges

    Modem Charges Modem Type Modem Sale Price (One time charges) Type-I Type-II Type-III Type-IV Rs.1000 Rs.1600 Rs.1000 Rs.1600 Monthly Rental Rs.50 Rs.80 Rs.50 Rs.80 Monthly Rental after 24 months Rs. 25 Rs. 40 Rs. 25 Rs. 40 Source: http://www.bsnl.co.in/service/bbtariff/initial.htm
  17. T

    Bsnl Gsm Datacard Launched !!!!

    Hi everyone..acoo to Chennai bsnl website , their GSM DATA Card have been launched..But they havent mentioned the SPEED however --KB or Kb...:confused: here s the news.. BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED (A Government of India Enterprise) CHENNAI TELEPHONES Launch of BSNL GSM Data Card BSNL...
  18. enticer86

    Vodafone DLT

    I recd a msg saying Vodafone is happy to activate DLT on my number, and that Rs.0.00 wud be deducted as monthly charges. What does that mean? Any ideas? :confused:
  19. F

    MTNL Broadband Unlimited plans Mumbai

    Sl No. Plan Bandwidth Download Speed Hour (monthly) Plan Rent (Monthly) No. of Free Email Ids with 4MB 1 Plan-1 256 Kbps Unlimited Rs.2500/- - 2 Plan-2 512 Kbps Unlimited Rs.4500/- - 3 Plan-3 1Mbps Unlimited Rs.8000/- - 4 Plan-4 2Mbps Unlimited Rs.15000/- 6
  20. jxcess2

    what's your monthly take home?

    Only for ppl who are wrking: what's your monthly take-home?
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