1. Zangetsu

    OnePlus One not booting

    Hi Guys, Need help I was on CM12.1 and TWRP recovery. Today I flashed through TWRP 2.8.6 and now my phone is not going past CM boot logo. The boot logo animation of "Cyanogen Mod ready" is keeps on displaying :( I didn't not enabled USB debugging...
  2. Darshan Singh

    Can't change thread title

    I can't change my thread title. It changes the title above the post. How can I contact the mod?
  3. Chetan1991

    Looking for an affordable but not cheap quality gamepad to mod as smartphone controller

    Title says it all. I'm thinking of buying a gamepad, preferably wireless, for less than 1k, the less the better, to mod as controller for my phone. I don't want to buy the el cheapo Enter and Fronttech type ones which are of really cheap quality and will break down quickly. Something that will...
  4. N

    problem starting crysis 2blackfire mod

    hi. I have crysis 2 original cd. I want to run blackfire mod in it. but when I installed blackfire mod , mods option did not come in the main menu in game.I installed the mod in bin 32, and also in all subfolders.I also launched the game using blackfire mod but no use . plz help I do not...
  5. ariftwister

    How to connect automatically in reliance netconnect

    Hi guys, I'm using reliance netconnect to download overnight.(unlimited at night only). So my problem is sometimes it disconnects automatically. So I manually have to re-connect. Is there any workaround for this to. Make it connect automatically after disconnection? Is there any mod version of...
  6. A

    My case mod..

    So this is my budget case mod.. The case is a Zebronics Pace and is highly modded.. It even runs on a dual Psu setup to help power all the bells and whistles required.. please say how's it.
  7. Desmond

    The Dark Mod...a standalone Thief clone based on the ID Tech 4 engine.

    For fans of Thief and newcomers alike. You can now experience the classic gameplay of the original two installments of Thief on the Id Tech 4 engine with this standalone mod. It is not an exact port of Thief but rather a mod for Doom 3 which uses Steampunk like elements to create a Thief like...
  8. harshilsharma63

    a Rs.10, 5 minutes cabinet mod

    Did this with a blue colored electric tape and cleaned it later with nail-polish remover. Thanks to the electricity board for the unexpected 4 hour power cut which gave be unoccupied time for thinking and executing this mod. Okay, this may not not be called a mod.
  9. harshilsharma63

    Realtek driver mod and Creative X-FI with realtek chip

    NOTE: this is not my discovery/creation and the complete credit goes to the original author: Gamespirit who can be reached via his Spanish blog Gamespirit Introduction: This tutorial describes how to unlock the onboard Realtek ALC chip's locked features and to use Creative X-FI MB software...
  10. Harshverma

    How to mod a case ?

    hello guys , I want to mod my current case (a local case by Majjr , mid tower) mod includes adding 140mm LED fan and a grill in front cutting side panel and make it transparent and install 120mm LED fan installing LED strips and LED lightings I am from Delhi , so from where I can buy the...
  11. d6bmg

    Best pointless mod.. EVER..

    * 40 SP120 fans.
  12. X

    Living without XDA...

    So I had a tiff with a Mod at XDA. The Nexus4 was a burning hot topic there and I had various questions about it. As I made a few threads on various aspects about the device, I get a PM from a Mod. "This is your last warning. Stop making threads on XDA." I asked him to tone down the attitude...
  13. Revolution

    Newbie Need Help To Mod Old Case

    I'm want to mod my old iBall case. I want to paint it and want to make left side panel transparent. Should I able to do that ? Or should I go to any shop(or go to someone) for this ? What's the material I need and what gonna be its cost ? Where can I found those in Kolkata ? I have a Zebronics...
  14. CommanderShawnzer

    help me!!!!!

    ************************************************************************************************************************ can any mod please move this thread to "reviews" section since the thread in question is almost complete :-) i made this thread since i'd VM'ed one mod to move the thread...
  15. S

    PC mods

    1. Where can I get neon light for my cm 690? 2. Please suggest some hard drive cooling mod.
  16. S

    Sound Control Module

    :toast: I'm planning to mod my cabby with some more lights. I wanna add a sound control module for this mod but i can't find anywhere to buy one online. I would be very happy if someone provide me some Links. TIA.
  17. CommanderShawnzer

    whats your holiday plan??

    so what are you doing in your holidays?? tell me:-D (i'm a CBSE board student so we get our holidays in march) i'm generally doing re-runs of mass effect 2 and i've ordered fallout 3 from i'm also making my very own mod for cnc 3 TW.and toying around with the various game...
  18. CommanderShawnzer

    games and their mod SDK's/TOOLSETS

    post all the official mod sdk's ans toolsets of games you know here. 1.command and conquer 3 Genre RTS Command & Conquer : Games : C&C 3 Tiberium Wars click on the downloads tab and click on the C&C 3 MOD SDK v5 (106mb) (you need to have command and conquer 3 installed and patched to 1.09)...
  19. NitrousNavneet

    accidently overclocked.

    I had installed gta 4 but it is not working good so in anger I accidently overclocked my Gpu Using catalyst control center . I can see anything in normal mod. now i am using safe mod and in it i cant open CCC. please help ..
  20. ritvij

    my samsung monte modded..

    Firmware: MFJF1 Mod: MonteHero 1.6
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