Can't change thread title


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you can simply click on the report button * on the post and request the title to be changed.
You can also contact the mods linked in this thread *

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I see your thread in Pc Config section, report it mentioning the new title and I will change the title and move it appropriate section as the one you created is in incorrect section.

Darshan Singh

Darshan Singh

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Thanks RCuber,

Please change the title "hello" to "My New Gaming Rig". I saved the post to see how it will look like with the embedded images as the preview was not showing them. I thought that I would change the title later but it could not be changed. Please do it for me.

Regarding the wrong section, I know it should have been placed in the Showcase section. But I thought it appropriate to post it there as I had posted my original query post in that section before and I have mentioned the page number of the query post which would be rendered useless if that post is moved to another section.
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