1. reddick

    MMC Jack 'Locked' when inserted in Laptop slot .

    Hi Friends! As I've mentioned tht whenever I try to place d MMC jack, along with MMC, into Laptop , it gets locked automatically even if I did not lock it manually ... Due to which I'm unable to use Memory Card :( Please tell me how to avoid this ... Thanks a lot :neutral:
  2. Gauravs90

    Need suggestion on use of miniSD memory card.

    Hi guys, I have a spare 4GB lexar miniSD class 4 memory card and I need suggestion on how to utilise this MMC. I'm asking here because I really can't think of anything to do with this card. Following are the reasons why I can't utilise it- 1. For file transfer- I already have two 16GB...
  3. N

    locked mmc

    I am using a nokia 6233... the mmc has got locked by mistake and i dunno the password... cant format it coz it asks for password. cant use fexplorer as its only for S60... can some1 pls help me... what should i do?:?:
  4. phuchungbhutia

    Motorola ex 115 vs intex in 6633

    I want to know which is better dual sim phone. Intx has wifi, 2mp cam+vga front cam, 2 gb micro sd card.- rs 4900 moto has 3mp, no wifi, no mmc included.-rs 5200. I like the build quality of moto , n have heard that intex sets r not reliable. I want to know if they have edge, dual standby...
  5. avtarkaint

    how to copy

    friends i have bought new nokia 3110c handset, inside the memory card their is 20-20 cricket preloaded. when i copy the game from from MMC its says read only memory or cannt copy etc i check the properties of mmc their is no read only check button activated. please tell me how to copy the sis...
  6. soyab0007

    N70 me for Rs 4300

    I want to sell N70me for Rs 4300 phone with box, charger, 1gb mmc card, manual data cable
  7. GeekyBoy

    A few questions regarding Nokia 6600.

    Hello Guys !!! I got my dad's old Nokia 6600 and I had a few questions: 1.What is the maximum capacity MMC card it can support ? 2.What are the prices of 256MB, 512 MB and 1gb MMC cards? 3.I have firmware revision 5.53, dated 30-12-04. Can I upgrade the firmware or cross flash with any...
  8. N

    MMC problem..

    i have a micro MC of Kingston.. i am having a problem with it now.. when i insert the memory card into my phone , it detects the MMC and asks to format it.. but after some time it sayd unable to Format.. i even tried to format it in windows but got stuck in the same problem again.. what is...
  9. avtarkaint

    cannot copy data

    dear member & friends i have 1 more problem. i cannot copy any data like (mp3 file picture) to nokia MMC it saya that {"ERROR COPYINY OR FOLDER" cannot copy: the path is too deep.} what may be the problem 1. my mmc is ok working good used in other pc. 2. copyiny 5mb song takes more than 2 min...
  10. M

    about a virus which attacked me,need guidence and giving info abt this virus-read

    hi dear friends, well i was to format and re install XP in my friends PC.well have done this job well. after that, he told me to give guidence to run his videos which he captured with his mobile.i have installed 3gp player, then he put his MMC in to the Reader, THINGS HAPPEND FROM THERE...
  11. solomon_paulraj

    NOKIA 6630 with 1Gb MMC

    I want to upgrade my existing 256 Mb MMC with a higher capacity card. which one will be better, 512Mb or 1Gb? please advice.. thanx in advance.. (users of 6630)
  12. solomon_paulraj

    Nokia 6630 with 1GB MMC

    I want to upgrade my existing 256 Mb MMC with a higher capacity card. which one will be better, 512Mb or 1Gb? please advice.. thanx in advance.. oops.. sorry.. i posted in the wrong section... please delete this thread...
  13. M

    Do P990i and K750i support 8 GB MMC?

    Hey Guys, Just read in some threads that 8 GB MMC is supported on P990i and K750i. Is it true? I'm planning to get an 8 GB MMC from the US, but I'm a bit scared since I'm not absolutely sure if it's compatible. Can anyone throw more light on this please?
  14. A

    HELP with PC!!!!

    hey guys,i seem to have the following problems with my computer... 1)it randomly restarts since 2 days..havent installed any new programs or happens only when iam running GTA:San it the prob due 2 any virus infection or h/w prob or the prob with the game?:mad: Windows...
  15. R

    How to backup MMC using PC Suite??

    I bought a new Memory card for my phone and i want to backup the old one completely using PC suite.... I dont have card reader. But when i open Nokia phone browser and enter the MMC it doesnt show me system folder alongwith some other hidden files. I have enabled the viewing of hidden files in...
  16. enticer86

    Sd Mmc

    hey guys... i need 512mb sd mmc fr nokia 5200 wht shud b the arrox cost? pls advise place : delhi
  17. B

    Urgent help needed for MMC

    Hi guys, I have a 1 GB NCP MMC card which I use in my PDA. Now whenever I access it on the PDA or Desktop or Laptop all I get are some weird characters of zero byte size. I need help or a software to recover the data on the card (preferably free). Of special importance are the .doc and .xls...
  18. R

    use of MMC?

    i have a kodak easyshare C433 Zoom Digital Camera with 16MB inbuilt memory the memory of the camera can be extended.... so can a use a 128 MB MMC which is used in my nokia 6630 phone? plz tell me.. thankx
  19. satyamy

    Card Reader

    My Friend bought a New Mobile 6681 he also has 6600 now he need a card reader so i was searching about card reader but did'nt understand abt it What types of card reader are their? i found on net 512mb card reader, MMC, SD Card reader, USB Card Reader, DVRS MMC, and many more he need one...
  20. P

    N-gage QD

    HI, i want to sell my n-gage qd, its less than a year old with bill,box and warranty with 512mb original mmc... wat do u think is a good price??? if ne1 interested plz lemme know!!!
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