Delhi Metro on DISCOVERY !!

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Hey guys Today please watch Discovery at 8 PM as there will Delhi Metro show on it. No I am not any DISCOVERY Advertiser here :p just felt good that it's coming on Discovery that and they are publicizing it much. I think it's the first time that any Engineering beauty from India is coming on Discovery as a special programme. CHEERS !! :)
It's going to be a 24hrs with Delhi Metro.So don't forget to watch.. !!


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yeah will watch it...but its not the first time there wer special programs abt "Largest Radio Telescope"(Pune), "Navi mumbai", "dabbawalas of mumbai"(most amazing story) in Discovery and NatGeo
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yea its m so relieved that atlast they r showing modern india on tv...earlier all they use to show on these channels in name of india were pics of banaras and similar places...."the land of snake charmers" was the only thing getting into the mind when someone saw those pics
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