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  1. abhishek66

    Which games on ur mobile???

    Which games have you currently installed on your mobile??? i have nfs pro-street, nfs- carbon and metal slug
  2. H

    Metal Gear Solid.What's wrong??

    I have today got from my friend, two C.D's of Metal Gear Solid.I have installed the 1st C.D, & tried to play with the 2nd one, which is called as "V.R.Missions".No matter, what C.D I try to play with the following message is displayed " Please insert the correct C.D.Rom,select O.K,restart...
  3. chesss

    Is this rock or metal?

    Hey I hav never ben into music but recently i listened to this 'linkin park' in my cousins ipod and since then, very unexpectedly I am in luv with this sort of music. I listen to their album(meteora) like every day atleast 5 times. Its so intense pumpin , just awsome!! exactly which sort...

    Your top 5 must have games for PS2

    Mine are as follow: 1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 2. Resident Evil 4. 3. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. 4. God of War(I-II) 5. Shadow of the Colosus.

    Metal Gear vs. Final Fantasy

    I was wondering which series is the most popular and the best around since MGS4 and FFXIII have been finally confirmed and will be released for the PS3. I think I'll have to go for Metal Gear because there aren't many RPG lovers out there. Not only that, it has a great storyline, characters...
  6. techtronic

    Sony Pictures making Metal Gear movie

    At the Electronic Entertainment Expo last year, Konami revealed that work had begun on a live-action movie based on Metal Gear Solid. The news broke via a pamphlet for Studio Kojima, the Konami-owned development house headed up by Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima Info ...
  7. S


    Hello!!Can I use other language if my english is bad?Jobpages:furniture invincable metalused pool tableused conference table
  8. R

    External IDE/ATAPI CD Drive Casing - Parallel port

    I have 2 casings of the specs below .. a new and a used ... Am willing to give away for any reasonable price. Pm me your quote. Location - Chennai FEATURES: 1. CDROM specified 2. ATAPI-IDE interface 3. Streamlined appearance 4. Metal body with plastic front panel 5. Easy...
  9. john_the_ultimate

    My PC Case modding......

    Hello............good to be back at the forum after a week. Now coming to the point............. I was looking for a "good looking" cabinet, but was not able to find anything of my choice. Actually selected a few but unfortunately they are not available in India. So thought of modding my...
  10. sav_more

    Final Year Project:Selected..but help needed.

    hey guys.i m intrested in two projects for my final year electronics & telecom project.wil do any one provided i get some more info.help will be really appreciated. source: projectguidance.com Wireless Metal Detection System This project uses a metal detector, a wireless (RF)...
  11. __Virus__

    Your fav heavy metal band??

    Am very much sure we have lots of metallers here.. so what are ur fav bands ( only heavy metal and hard rock plz, no gay rap :) ) wch u will listen at anytime of the day.. and also post couple of their best songs I hail Cradle of Filth. *many many songs to name* Dimmu Borgir *Puritania and...
  12. sourav

    How do Rewritable CDs work?

    CD-Audio and CD-ROM were established in the early 1980s as the “new thing” to replace he venerable analog long-playing record. This digital format was very quickly accepted as the standard because it provided compact size, high fidelity and tremendous durability. But soon the consumer...
  13. GameAddict

    Worth getting Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance for PC?

    Hi, I am thinking of getting MGS2:Substance for PC. Since it is 5 CDs or equivalent DVD9, I need your opinion. Please post, if you have played it on the PC. Bye! GA PS: While searching for "metal gear 2" with "Search all terms" option, I kept getting this error.May be admin...
  14. B

    Forget half life 2, forget doom 3

    Finally blasted through Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of liberty on my PS2. It took about 18 hrs. Forget half life 2, forget doom 3. Those are simply over hyped games. All I can say is that- u simply have to play the Metal Gear Solid series. There is nothing more for me to say or for u to hear...
  15. T

    About Metal Gear Solid

    Hey guys, can u tell me how good is Metal Gear Solid? A great game? And 1 more thing,what AGP slot does Intel D865GBF mobo have? 8x or 4x?
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