1. rahul2002

    MCSE kolkata

    Hi, I am currently doing CCNA from WEBEL informatics and RHCE from AEM. I know that these two are really affiliated to CISCO and RED HAT. Can anyone tell about an affiliated centre where i can learn MCSE. Also, how do i apply for jobs after completing these certifications??? I have got B.Tech in...
  2. S

    After CCNA.. CCNP or MCITP

    I have completed CCNA(not online certified;). Now I plan to go to higher level. My budget is limited. I have two options to choose 1. CCNP 2. MCITP(or MCSE) Please tell me your opinion. What will be the best combo with CCNA for getting a nice job ?
  3. Anand_Tux

    Best Institute for MCSE in Delhi

    I want to do the MCSE certification so friends please tell me which are the best institutes for MCSE in Delhi?
  4. S


    Friends, I am doing final year MCA. But I don't have any self confidence to go for a job based on SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. I am good with computers & internet. But little afraid of PROGRAMMING. I need advices to make a slight deviation in my carrier. So please suggest me what should I do ? I need...
  5. stevebadshah

    want to write MCSE exams.plz give details

    hello digitians i want to write MCSE exams..can anyone plz tell me where i can write the exams.i've already done with my i want to write the exams plz give me details of genuine test centres in HYDERABAD.Andhra pradesh. thanks.
  6. L

    Best (N+, MCSE & CCNA) institute/course

    Hi Friends... Whenever I have a tech query, this is where I always land up to find the answers. So here I am... I need to do a H/w and N/w course (N+, MCSE & CCNA). I've been doing a bit of running around and found the following institutes and their fees, benefits etc. Could someone...
  7. B


    Hey guys, I'm currently doing my third year bachelors in computer applications at a reputed college in Goa. Right now i m confused about what to do after my bca. i am thinkin of doin mca at goa university 4 which i have 2 answer an entrance test. if i do not get admission for mca i m planning 2...
  8. S

    Free Mcse Dumps

    Hi Friends, Can anyone suggest me the way to download free MCSE Testking / other effective Dumps. Thanx in advance Subroto
  9. T


    Please let me know if there is any tutorials for the MCSE for windows server 2003 environment(70-290).
  10. S

    MCSE Help

    I will be doing MCSE & CCNA course, what is the salary that i can get in India after completing my course.
  11. rameeze

    where to get MCSE & CCNA ebooks?

    Hi Friends, Where can I get free ebooks for MCSE & CCNA .please give me links that offer free ebooks of computer,
  12. C

    Which computer course worth its salt?

    I am seeking comments on these courses # "Genius" from SRM Infotech # MCSE # RHCE # CCNA thanks in advance.
  13. evewin89

    some sites needed.....

    please suggest me some good free MCSE (70-270,70-290) test papers sites:confused:
  14. sude

    help on ccna, mcse courses... SCOPE OF DOING SUCH COURSES

    dear users, i am currently studying BCA 2nd Sem in Bangalore. i have a great urge in knowing in-and-out of computers.... this apart i am thinking of doing advanced cources like ccna and mcse etc... i would like to know from you all the scope of such courses in india. forum members who are...
  15. amitava82

    CCNA MCSE tutorial video request

    hi, anyone of you guys have CCNA, MCSE video tutorial, simmulator etc? I'll pay for media, postage etc.. plz PM me if you have.
  16. Zeeshan Quireshi

    Hot To Go For MCSE !

    well i'm a student studying 11'th std in CMS Gomti nagar , Lucknow and am very much into computers. i've read a lot in newspapers that a 15 year old kid has done MCSE , even a 10 year old . well i think i also wanna do an MCSE , can anyone guide me on how to go for it and what r the...
  17. T

    MCSE Anyone?

    I have just completed first year of my engineering So i want a little help from you all If any one can explain me hw to start about mcse please assume i know nothing about it what are you supposed to know before starting to prepare for it etc etc i wil be thankful to anyone who can do that
  18. djmykey

    Shud I learn Linux ??

    Now I am a good and u can call me a rather Super User of Windows (coz basically I have finished my MCSE 2003 :D) So where was I, yes, I have tried my hand at Linux a lots of times. Had installed RH Fedora 1, then SuSe 9.1, currently I have Slackware 10.1 on my hdd and believe me tho I have...
  19. abhishek_sharma

    mcse exam doubts

    how can one give the mcse exam in india. I believe to get the certification one needs to pass in several exams. does one have to take all the exams together or no such time restriction. Also plz tell what is the fees for the exams and the test centers location :?:
  20. S


    I googled about it a lot but could not find a satisfying answer. I want to know about MCP, MCSD and MCSE. What are these exams all about. What are the subject requirements(what subjects I have to study to be eligible for it). Any site which can answer my questions.
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