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  1. ashishnehete

    Linux Queries

    I did not find any tread for solving any of the problems for linux So i decided to make a new one I just finished installing Linux Mandrake 7.0 but i am not able to connect to internet through it i have a broad band connection ya wanted to know can i use my dvd writer , printer Tv tunner...
  2. blueshift

    Fix MBR

    I messed up with my mbr i suppose. initially i had 2 os both xp. then i had installed Mandrake few months ago after that. then i just removed mandrake by deleting tht partition(on which mandrake was installed) thru xp. but tht new boot menu still remained. today i had formated tht free space...
  3. D

    mandrake freezes during boot!!!

    hi guys, i've got a problem with mandrake linux 10.1. i just installed it and whenever i boot it it gets stuck at the line "disabling IRQ 19". My system config is AMD 3200+, 6600GT graphics, creative sound card and 160GB sata hard disk. please help.
  4. H

    Easiest way to install Linux??

    I have a Conpaq M2000 Presaio laptop.It came bundled with Mandrake C.D's,but on my request had Winddows XP installed on it.However,Since I have to use the net a lot,security remains a chronic issue. Can you please help with the installion of the mandrake C.D's without any fuss whatsoever.I...
  5. sunny_guha

    Best Distro?

    WHICh is the best distro out there - is it FEDORA XANDROS MANDRAKE or ..
  6. praka123

    Mandrake co-founder rolls Debian-based distro

    source:http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS6632227307.html http://www.ulteo.com/main/download.php
  7. Thor

    CD iso to DVD

    I hv quite e few linux Distro as CD isos...how do I convert them so as to they can be installed from a DVD <Boot also> ? Online I found a guide to do it with Fedora 4 But what abt Mandrake, Suse...and others ? I wud really ;like to know it ! Thx in advance.
  8. D

    Mandrake 10.1 install: No CDROM!!

    Here is my problem: I previously installed Mandrake 10.1 from Digit DVD (using 3 CD's) to my 40GB ATA Hard disk. It worked fine. Then, I upgraded to 160GB Seagate SATA and I tried to install Linux. It booted from the CD, but an error pops up telling that no CD-ROM is present even though I...
  9. 56561

    can anyone in kolkata give me mandrake linux latest,full version?

    can anyone in kolkata give me mandrake linux latest,full version?
  10. B

    Mandrake 10.1 login trouble: HEEELLLLP!!

    I'm obviously a newbie in linux. But even some experienced guys failed to answer the following question: How to login as root in Mandrake 10.1?? Answers anyone? I have been trying hopelessly for ages!
  11. plsoft

    Burn Mandrake in a single DVD ????

    I'm new to linux but love to try it out. Is Mandrake a good linux distro-in terms of performance and ease of use? Also is it possible to burn the 3 cd's mandrake 10.1 distro in a single DVD ?
  12. S

    Choosing bet Knoppix and Mandrake

    Hello Members , I want to learn linux and have in hand Knoppix and Mandrake ( received through Digit's cds ). I have no previous knowledge on linux and hence do not know which one of them wd be better .. :?
  13. choudang

    How to install IrDA and Nokia 6610 Modem in Mandrake 9.2

    today, i have installed Mandrake 9.2 on my PC. Now i'm trying to install my IrDA device and Nokia 6610 Modem. how do i do that, i'm not a frequent user of Linux. i plugged in the IrDA device, make a hardware detection .. not detecting. is there any other process. this is going to stra'ly...
  14. K

    why does SATA ignore REDHAT????

    hi, i have k800vm asrock Motherboard with amdsempron2500+, segate 80gb SATA drive 256mb DDr ram when ever i tried to install any version of redhat linux it doesn't install and askes me to specify the SATA controler which not listed in the list. Mandrake 10 works fine but redaht??? plz any one...
  15. Satissh S

    Fedora Vs Mandrake Vs SuSe

    Came across this article, pretty old but still found interesing, A comparison between fedora mandrake and suse. Click Here! :)
  16. D

    mandrake hangs

    guys i have installed mandrake 9.1 along with windows xp . i have two hard disks in my computer when ever i boot into mandrake and open the mnt folder the system hangs whenever i am in KDE environment . please tell me a solution .
  17. G


    i installed mandrake 10.1 OE on my 5.5 gb partition (which earlier was fat32) i deleted the partition in mandrake installation then selected auto and it made 1 gb as swap and 4.2 gb as linux native partition and 342 mbs as "journalised ext 3" what is "journalised ext 3"...
  18. S

    mandrake and ubuntu

    hi all i had installed ubuntu on my system on hdc and then installed mandrake 9.2 on hdb. now my problem is that when ubuntu boots up the X server does not start. how do i go abt making this all rt? also i would like to be able to access my files under ubuntu while i am working in...
  19. Vyasram

    Unable to Install Mandrake

    I have an amd 64 3000+, 512mb ram, 160gb sata system with win2k, xp. Whenever i try to install mandrake 10.1 (digit jan 2005) a screen appearssaying "installing hardware Nvidia ide/scsi/firewire" before the installation starts and then nothin' happens. I guess it doesn't support sata. How can i...
  20. FilledVoid

    Need some help with Mandrake 10.1

    Hi , I recently have totally shifted to my Mandrake Box for everythign I do . But now Im stuck at a few things. 1. How do I install a Cannon IP Pixma 1000 printer on it. i cant find the driver in the printer wizard and I cant find one to download either :( 2. I have a CD with firefox on...
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