1. S

    My first overclock!!

    Hi guys! Just managed to o/c my CLUB3D 9600XT! The default core/memory setting is 499/337.5 I managed to increase it to 564/405 Here are my Scores BEFORE 3DMARK 05-1744 AQUAMARK 3-29,582 AFTER 3DMARK 05-1942 AQUAMARK 3-31,512 Now is the performance rise...
  2. godsownman

    Ubuntu Linux

    I have just got my Ubuntu Linux Package. Can anybody please tell me how to setup the OS . I tried it but I feel that I have made some mistake somewhere. also , when I managed to get it to start installing it gave me an error . So please anybody tell me the steps
  3. K

    The Extent Of Overburning

    Hey ppl, I went to a local store and saw a CD having 6-in-1 XP (Home-Pro-Patched-Untouched-VLK and such making 6), pirated of course. It had only ONE CD and i was surprised, how they managed to have 6 XP instalation in ONE CD. I inserted the CD and Windows showed that it had 631 Mb (as shown...
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