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  1. axelzdly1

    How do you manage your 'non-expandable memory' phone?

    That time of the year has begun, you find a drool-worthy phone that fits your budget., spending your hard saved money to get that in your hands and then you see ' External memory support : No' .. dilemma whether to sacrifice the ease in carrying everything you need, everywhere or to give up and...
  2. W

    back after a month

    because of changing locations all over India i was away from tdf for about a month but now finally got some stability so will visit though not as often as before.still no regular net connection but will try to manage.
  3. tech0freak0

    Expense Manager for windows

    Hey Guys I need a expense manager for windows(offline) As my dad is a lawyer, so manager should able to manage expenses neatly and sort them with clients names...
  4. webgenius

    Games similar to Sim City 4

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a city building game similar to Sim City 4. The game should allow me to build a city, manage its infrastructure, manage revenue and profits, and stuff like that. Can you guys please suggest a game like that for me? I liked Sim City 4, but it is a very old game and...
  5. V

    Pursuing bachelor's degree in US

    Hi guys, I am planning to do my bachelor's from US. Presently am in my 12th standard now. Would love to go for CS or IT there. I have applied for SAT & TOEFL. As far as academics is concerned am not in the creamy layer but still manage to get around 80-83%. Please share your views, the pros and...
  6. O

    Increase C drive space

    I want to increase the space in my friends Pc. But I dont find any option for "Delete Partion" in D drive. why? And the C drive space is only 5GB whereas in Disk 0 area it shows 24 GB. How? Below is the screenshot of manage screen Please help. What are the step to be taken increase the space...
  7. Garbage

    GNOME 3.2 Released

    From - GNOME 3.2 Release Notes
  8. F

    Message manager for android

    Is there any app on android that can provide folders (as in symbian) to manage our messages .. . ????
  9. gameranand

    Software to manage game collection

    Hey Friends I have a lot of games. Are there any softwares out there who can manage my database of games. Like for movies I use cooollector any software like that for games.
  10. A

    What should i do when my hardware is of no use.(e waste mgmt)

    Can any body tell me. What to do with hardware like SMPS,Motherboard,Monitor etc? Rather than throwing them around in city slum, are there better ways to manage them? Plz,suggest me something.
  11. User Name

    How to manage distance between two icons on desktop?

    How to manage distance(pixels) between two icons on desktop (horizontally)? :?:
  12. casanova

    Opera 9.51 - Feeds problem

    I am using Opera 9.51. When I click on Feeds in the toolbar I can see that I am subscribed to three feeds. I wanted to delete two of these feeds but sadly when I am clicking the manage feeds button, I can see only one of those feeds (the one I want to keep). Any idea where can I remove the other...
  13. N

    Enterprise solutions

    Hi tech users! I am working in a private company which has 32 computers connected in internal LAN and 3 computers separately connected with Internet connection. 4/5 computers running in Win98 and rest are WindowsXp Professional. My task is to manage all the computers for virus protection...
  14. gsmsikar

    manage my mobile with PC

    is there any mobile phone with software by which i can control the original mobile screen and keypad with the PC ? means i dont want to use the mobile keypad and buttons but i want to manage it with the PC ..like same mobile screen is opened into my PC Screen .. is that possible ?
  15. nileshgr

    Domain Transfer

    Please suggest some free sites which can be used to manage domains for free and transfers also free. Urgent. Please reply.
  16. demoninside9

    Manage Otion missing, pls help me

    When we right click on my computer icon, there is a option "Manage". But in my icon this option is missing. how I can recover this option. If anybody knows, so pls tell me?
  17. R

    iPod Shuffle

    Anyone, Dear, my ipod shuffle doesn't recognise in windows as well as in itunes? I'm using iTunes version 7.0 Please let me know how! Usb says the "unknown devices" in device manager. The day we bought I just renamed it. As per the site(apple.com) we did a procedure of "manage (right...
  18. A

    How to Install win xp on vistaos laptop

    Hi All, I purchased new compaq v3000 Laptop, in this i got with vista os,but i want install in this win xp how can i proceed.How i manage both vista and xp os.If any one know reply me detailed procedure.
  19. S

    A s/w to rule 'em all

    I have lots of information and material like images, books, programs, etc. I'm fed up with looking for information in every file, site etc. and thus need a software which can bring order to the chaos. something which can manage bookmarks by tags, images, programs(setups), books and much more...
  20. abhijit_reddevil

    Company of Heroes discussion

    Hi, Created this thread where you can post all strategies, cheats, walkthroughs, etc related to the awesome game "Company of Heroes". I was playing this game at my friend's place and this is just awesome. I particularly liked the feature where you can zoom down to the first person level. Also...
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