1. W

    Nano Defender & Nano Adblocker removed by Google Chrome as malware

    Source: Time to remove Nano Adblocker and Defender from your browsers (except Firefox) - gHacks Tech News @omega44-xt @SaiyanGoku @Desmond David @Vyom Was using them yesterday when suddenly the extensions crashed with a chrome notification. Later when I tried to reload them I saw chrome...
  2. W

    MDcomputers *seems* to be infected by a Card Skimmer script

    Credit: @SaiyanGoku It seems that mdcomputers site has been compromised so don't make any purchase for now from there & change any passoword you used on their site which you also use on other sites because most probably your email & password details along with name/address details are also...
  3. patkim

    What is this Malware - Exploit.JS.Pdfka.PIQ?

    Hi, I recently downloaded the ITR1 xls IncomeTax Returns form from the official website of Incometax India e-filling. The moment I unzipped the file, my Comodo Antivirus blocked access to it stating that it has virus/malware in it. Scanning it on shows Comodo identifying...
  4. vedula.k95

    Malware Injecting ads in browser.

    Hello forum, since afternoon I have encountered a lot of ads injecting on my web browser,I have been tracking task manager but still I won't find any application with suspicious usage of any resources,but here is the thought which pings me. I am using internet through my friends laptop,by...
  5. dashing.sujay

    How to remove adwares, pop-ups or ads from browsers?

    Adwares / Malwares / Browser Hijackers/ PUPs Removal guide These days, adwares are everywhere. Right from softwares you install, to links you click, to pages you visit and what not. Apart from nasty adwares, which will irritate you to the core, PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and Browser...
  6. rohitshakti2

    Getting very slow internet speed in MTNL Delhi

    Hi friends Few days back my PC was giving problems of malware and SaiyanGoku helped me to get rid of it. Now after that malware attack on my pc, I am experiencing that the internet speed has reduced drastically from 160 kbps to 80-85 kbps. Please suggest me how to correct it? I am using MTNL...
  7. Ironman

    NSA malware found hiding in hard drives for almost 20 years

    Bad news, geeks. Someone out there figured out how how to hide persistent, invisible espionage malware inside the firmware of your hard drives. Now it’s been discovered that they’ve been using it to spy on targets for nearly 20 years. This particular piece of malware is delivered via modified...
  8. A

    Chinese at it again ! : Xaomi Spying on us !, is Lenovo doing the same. !

    Xiaomi phones covertly send user data to China: report | All my doubt's and suspicions are turning into a reality. This news about Xaomi makes me wonder whether the Chinese have any other corporate's doing their "wet work"(read espionage) for them....hmmm, I believe they would...
  9. M

    Some Malware Eating My bandwidth/Data Plan Voraciously..

    I have Vodafone 3G Dongle.I recently notices that a 3G pack 0f 99 rs. having 300 MB data is not lasting more than 3 days. when i checked control panel of vodafone application software bundled with dongle, it showed that data is getting emptied at the rate of 1 MB per half minute , even when...
  10. TechnoBOY

    opinion about malware anti byte ??

    opinion about malware anti byte ??
  11. true_lies

    Android is not designed with safety in mind according to Sundar Pichai

    At-least he is admitting the truth......source
  12. V

    Unable to remove write protection from usb drive

    A friend's usb drive is infected by a some malware which is preventing the drive to be formatted or for that case to do anything with any of the files except open them. A scan with defender shows the malware but it is unable to clean it. Even unlocker is unable to delete those files. I have even...
  13. S

    Can hard drives be damaged by some malware?

    bout 15 days ago the hard drive of my desktop crashed (it was round 9 yrs old) . I dont that machine personally (and its is a OLD machine) so dont know if any syntom was visable. OS win7 32 bit For the last couple of months my HP Dv6165 (1.5 yrs old) was some times freezing up during use...
  14. TheLetterD

    Erratic CPU usage on Idle, AMD Trinity, Normal?

    Hello As the title suggests Ive been facing erratic CPU usage when my PC is at Idle. I use the CPU Meter Windows 7 Gadget to test it. I have tried; 1. Closing Rocket Dock which is always active otherwise 2. Disabling my AntiVirus (Avast Free edition, Up to date) 3. Running a scan 4. Ending the...
  15. K

    Adobe reader installation is malware free?

    Hi Guys, I installed Adobe Reader 9 on Windows 7 ultimate. But there is a SEPARATE icon as “” on the DESKTOP. Does it contain any ADDWAR OR MALWARE OR ANYTHING THAT IS DANGEROUS TO SYSTEM?
  16. harshilsharma63

    PC got infected, help needed in cleaning

    Hi. I gave my external HDD to a friend and i got infected with the shortcut malware. The drive had two objects: '$RECYCLE.BIN' folder and a shortcut pointing to 'system32' folder. The data in the drive was not visible. I scanned it with MalwareBytes Anti MAlware and it showed two reg values...
  17. theserpent

    2 gB Usable out of 4 gb,can this be the reason of system slowing down"

    Hey there So from the past few days my computer has become slow. I deleted some malware via malware byte. Secondly,gta 4 had also become veryy laggy and sometimes it takes lots of time to even open task manger Today i checked the ram and it shows 4GB(2GB USABLE)
  18. D@rekills4

    Microsoft's #droidrage campaign results in #windowsrage on Twitter

    Source: Microsoft's #droidrage campaign results in #windowsrage on Twitter | The Verge Here are the top 10 tweets: Here Are the Ten Best Tweets on #WindowsRage - Softpedia Not that I am picking a side but why is Microsoft being so unprofessional? If you want to fight the the competition...
  19. socrates

    Android malware explodes, jumps five-fold since July

    Android malware explodes, jumps five-fold since July - Computerworld
  20. TheMost

    [Solved] Malware help !

    I recently plugged my pen drive into my friends PC and he had some silly malware ... I Straightaway plugged that into another friends PC which had avast and it moved that to chest ! I wanted to test my Dad's - So i restored and came home ... My Dad has NIS 2011 and that detected nothing ...
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