1. RCuber

    Replacement Mouse Feet for Logitech G400

    Hey guys, I need a super slick mouse feets for the Logitech G400, I checked on ebay and it was not available. anyone know where I can find one? My original ones are not as smooth anymore.. -Cuber
  2. P

    best gaming mouse under 4k?

    whats the best gaming mouse i can buy under 4k? also whats the current market price that i can expect to get the logitech g500 for?
  3. nseries73

    [For Sale] LOGITECH MX 518 Gaming Mouse

    For Sale ! Product Name, URL: LOGITECH MX 518 Optical Gaming Mouse Support + Downloads: MX 518 Optical Gaming Mouse - Logitech Expected Price: Rs 600/- Source and Time of Purchase: Balaji Pvt Ltd, Kolkata, Jan 2012 Reason for Sale: Upgrading RMA/Servicing history: Never...
  4. bssunilreddy

    Free Giveaway (MS Sidewinder X6 + Logitech G400 + Corsair H60)

    I am thinking of giving my Microsoft Sidewinder X6 KB + Logitech G400 Mouse for FREE as a giveaway.I also am thinking of giving away Corsair H60 2012 Edition but these are to be picked up from my place at Mallapur, Hyderabad. Reason for giving way: Bought Coolermaster Devastator Gaming...
  5. nseries73

    [For Sale] LOGITECH Dual Action™ Gamepad

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: LOGITECH Dual Action™ Gamepad Support + Downloads: Dual Action Gamepad - Logitech Expected Price: Rs 500/- Source and Time of Purchase: Kolkata, 2011 Reason for Sale: Thought of trying to play with a game pad but couldn't. RMA/Servicing...
  6. adityak469

    Gaming Keyboard and Mouse(Combo Preferable) Around 4k-5k..

    My exams are getting over in a week and by the end of month i'll be starting gaming once again...so i was thinking to buy a gaming mouse and keyboard... my considerations- Cooler Master Devastator USB Mouse & Keyboard Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105+Mouse G300 Logitech G100S Gaming Combo
  7. bssunilreddy

    Logitech G400 Problem?

    Hai, I have a Logitech G400 Mouse which was bought in April,2012. The problem is that when I use the scroll wheel it makes a clicking sound and that sound has increased now otherwise it is working perfectly. What is the cause of that clicking sound? Is it normal for all others who are using...
  8. G

    Logitecg G510s Keyboard

    Should i buy that keyboard or not LCD Gaming Keyboard - G510s - Logitech Mostly bf4 sometime dota2 Thanks
  9. V

    Need a webcam

    Need a webcam with excellent capture quality. Also need to know if it supports self-recording (capture video like a camera for preparing presentation and later upload to youtube). Which brand/model will suit this purpose? I see many sub-1k Logitech (good brand that?) models but also Logitech...
  10. sam9953

    [Query] Will I Get My Logitech MX Revolution Replaced?

    Hi guys, my father bought a Logitech MX Revolution from France for me, and after nearly 2 years of usage the mouse is next to dead, with a spoilt copper plate charger and lots of trouble with the left click. So my question is as the warranty for this product is 3 years, is the warranty...
  11. axelzdly1

    Wacom Bamboo Pad.. is it really worth buying?

    Somewhat fascinated by the performance (reviews :D ) of Windows 8.1 , I leaning towards trying a touch pad with it. The two best options i've found were Logitech T650 (4k) and Wacom Bamboo Pad (3k).. The stylus pen/touch compatibility of the wacom impressed me,looks were good, but I cant...
  12. Katalyst

    [LAN Event] Logitech G - Free2Play LAN Tournament in Bangalore

    I would like to invite Digit Members to LAN Tournament in Bangalore. The details of the event are as below. Official Announcement on Logitech Facebook Page: *www.facebook.com/events/455074111276230/ Date: 19th - 20th October, 2013. Game Title(s) Counterstrike 1.6 (5v5)...
  13. gagan_kumar

    logitech gaming championship[kinda]

    this will say everything....
  14. X

    Wired Gamepad for PC - X360 controller vs Logitech F310/510

    I am looking for a good wired gamepad for my action/fighting game needs. I will be playing titles like Dark Souls, Darkness, DmC, Brutal Legends, Street Fighter, the upcoming King of Fighters (if the PC version is any good), and more of the same sort. I've zeroed in on the X360 controller and...
  15. $hadow

    Razer or logitech which mouse to buy.

    Hi guys I need a mouse for gaming since my old mouse breakdown last night. Now I am not sure what to buy since I have short listed two mouse help is certainly appreciated First one is razer abyssus and logitech g400. Any other mouse suggestions is also welcomed. Budget is 2 to 2.5k
  16. G

    Logitech UE 6000 Premium Over-The-Ear Headphones Review

    Hi everyone,its Gizmo96 here with a new Review.This a full review of the Logitech UE6000 over-the-ear heaphones.These are a premium set of heaphones in for around Rs.17,500 and are one of the best headphones that I have ever heard.So let's get started with the review Packaging With a hefty...
  17. W

    Pls suggest good 2.1 speakers

    Planning to buy excellent 2.1 speakers. Intend to use for Movies and Music. Games come too later! Liked the Logitech Z623 earlier...they were amazing. Still its good? If so, can I proceed with that though there is an increase in price? If not, please suggest some excellent ones atleast better...
  18. M

    Webcam for budget 1.5k (2 k max)

    I need a Webcam under 1.5 k may go upto 2k if its really worth it. P. S. I saw three threads on this forum, but all guys prefer Logitech ? I mean there's a wide range of Microsoft and HP ones too. and also some cheapo products like iball and intex (no, i wont go for them until someone says...
  19. ankush28

    suggested PC configuration 2013-Q2

    Suggested PC configurations Basic low budget multimedia/ office rig : 20k Intel pentium G2010 @ 3.2k Gigabyte GA-H61m-D2H @ 2.8k Corsair Value Select 1600 MHz 4 GB @ 1.8k Antec BP300 @ 1.7k iBall/Zebronics cabinet w/o PSU @ 0.7k WD Blue 500 GB @ 3k Asus DRW 24B3ST DVD R/W @ 1k...
  20. A

    [For Sale] LOGITECH G500 Gaming Mouse 5700DPI

    LOGITECH G500 Gaming Mouse (USED - WITH INDIAN WARRANTY) Support + Downloads: Gaming Mouse G500 - Logitech New Costs around Rs.4000-4200 or so for a brand new piece. Bought from SMC International, Nehru Place, New Delhi. I don't remember the date (will need to check that), but has...
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