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Ubuntu 10.10 NTFS drive problem


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I have just installed Ubuntu 10.10.

Now the problem is, I had 3 logical drives under windows 7(excluding the primary partition on which there was 7) but ubuntu now is showing only one drive named "448GB file system" and I can only see the files of one logical drive, D.

I am not able to see rest of the drives(E,F) and files in those drives(Games, Movies, Tv shows). If i go to Diskutitlity.. I will see this (see attachment)

I tried searching for files.. but no use.

Now.. is there any way to see the other drives?



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SMART status indicates that disk has few bad sectors, probably that is why its not able to recognise rest of the partitions... SMART status should show as healthy..

run a through checkdisk in windows,
and try to mount in ubuntu
reinstall ubuntu (check whether it can recognise while installing ubuntu, and if it recognises give the mount point there itself and continue installation..)
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