1. J

    Fan filter? Homemade?

    Pretty self explanatory. I have a 120mm fan mount which does not have a fan filter. I need a fan filter for it. So is there a link or shop to buy fan filters? I am located at kolkata. If not then how to make a homemade one?
  2. bubusam13

    Google play books location

    Hi Guys I have purchased a ebook first time in my life from google play books " The Monk who sold his Ferrari" in my Grand 2 I enabled offline reading for that book. Now where is that ebook file located in my phone. I have searched the /data/com.android.google.books/ directory as suggested...
  3. D

    need advice on communication between offices

    i want a advice on how to interconnect a sub-offices located in different parts of the country .... say the headquarters of the office is located in A, and the sub offices located in B,C and so on...... the way of communication, like instant chat, send mails, send files etc should be...
  4. R


    SEALED PACK NOKIA N81 8GB I am selling my "SEALED PACK NOKIA N81 8GB" for 14.5k. Reason for sale: - I need a phone with 5mp camera. I got it as a gift. Currently using Nokia N73. I can ship it thru DTDC anywhere in India. Mode of payment will be online bank transfer, Draft, Cheque etc. I am...
  5. maddy_in65

    Used Nokia N73

    I have 1 and half year old N73 and wants to sale it. The reason behind sale is i am going to purchase new N 5800XM. I will buy it in next 3 days. I am located in pune, any one intersted please reply. Expected price 7 to 7.5K.
  6. P

    Is this deal worth it's salt

    *cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110351015527 Planning to buy a LCD TV,,IS this model good enough,,what are the +s and -s,, And secondly,,Since Iam not located in Delhi,,I wont get the 1 year dealer's warranty
  7. S

    Samsung CRT 19" Monitor

    Is the Samsung CRT 19" Monitor available in India? If so Cost? This is available in U.S. I have a Samsung 17" CRT monitor. Would like to upgrade. I am located in Kolkata. Want only a CRT monitor as I do a lot of Graphics work.
  8. K


    I have a SATA HDD and it is working fine. I wanted to boot symantec ghost 11.5 through a win98 cd i open command prompt during booting thru that cd my ghost file is located in the c: but cmd doesn't detect c drive PLZ tell me what to do
  9. P

    binkw32.dll problem

    i installed spiderman friend or foe. but it was not running beacause some visual c++ 2005 libraries were not installed. before i installed them i did some registry clean ups. Now i got those files installed and tried to run the game but it showed this error:"The procedure entry point...
  10. raksrules

    Need info on US J1 Visa

    Hi friends, Please let me know what is the procedure to get a US J1 VISA. I am trying to get one for my brother and need to know the cost involved and the way in which we need to go to obtain the J1 Visa. I am located in Mumbai.
  11. pritish_kul2

    Dream island dam dama

    has any 1 been to dream island dam dama???wht all is der and howz it like?itz a amusement park located outside delhi for those who wondering wht it is
  12. shreyadr

    Outlook Express 6 location ?

    recently, i have migrated from win2k to win xp. in win2k all the compacted folders of outlook express were located in c drive, application data folder. which i used to back up regularly and restores many times successfully. after migrating to win xp when restored the messegaes and after few days...
  13. RCuber

    Fixing Corrupt download.

    We had a thread which showed how to fix corrupted files without downloading the full files again. I searched a lot but no results. Does anyone remember where it is located? I am getting a CRC error on a 400+ MB file can this be fixed without downloading the file again?
  14. H

    Error while starting the game

    I hav downloaded Recoil demo from net and i hav installed it.But as the game is abt to start it displays an error like "The procedure entry point UnMapLs could noy be located in dynamic link library KERNAL32.dll." Can any one hlp me.
  15. Z

    does anybody know ninja traders in crawford market

    hi ppl have heard from lot of friends about this shop in crawford market in mumbai . does anybody know where it is located and how to reach there from cst station ?thanks
  16. K

    :?: What is Mac ID?

    Hi frnds, I want to know What is Mac ID? It's use ? & Where it is located, it has any reg entry? I had tried 2 searched for Mac id but I cann't found that, Where it is located ?
  17. M

    recoil prob

    hey guys i recently downloaded recoil demo version from gamespot and installed the game. Wheni run the game i get the message "The procedure entry point UnMapLS could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll" How do i solve this prob. tx
  18. S

    A doubt in Acronis True Image Workstation v9.1

    Hi guys, I am goin to purchase Acronis.True.Image.Workstation.v9.1.But i have a doubt, just tell me whether the following is possible?: 1. After installin windows xp freshly on my hdd, can i take a image of the partion on which xp is located and burn it to a dvd, so that even if my xp gets...
  19. coolendra

    Wher is the save games of Quake 4 located !!!!!!!!

    Wher is the save games of Quake 4 located !!!!!!!! ne idea guys ??????
  20. M

    where is UT 2004 saved game files located..

    where is UT 2004 saved game files located....
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