1. B

    Relocate Sector & Event Count Error

    I have a WD Elements 2TB Portable Hard Disk.While checking with HD Tune Pro i found these errors.Can someone please explain me who to get it fixed.I have searched the web but the results scared me lol. The HDD is working fine.Its loaded with HD TV Series i don't want to lose it :( I have...
  2. A

    photo software

    looking for some freeware where i can keep all my photos and videos nicely stacked and ready for use.installed picassa but its funny-lots of videos couldnt be loaded up in it.how does sign in with it-the dam link doesnt work also
  3. M

    Corsair psu series

    Hi Guys i have seen may psu series from corsair from cx, tx, hx, rm, ax , axi A- series digital and platinum plus 7 yrs rm-quiet series & modular-5yrs hx, - modular gold rated-5yrs cx,- value series cs-modular value series gs- gaming series But the point here is what ever warranty it...
  4. C

    Problem Debugging C++ Programs in Visual Studio 2010(Ultimate)

    Hello, I have Microsoft Visual Studio installed on my system but,while debugging the programs i am getting message as: 'a.exe': Loaded 'C:\Users\User\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\a\Debug\a.exe', Symbols loaded. 'a.exe': Loaded 'C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll', Symbols loaded...
  5. D

    Fastrack Gift Card

    Hey, I got a fastrack gift card in a quiz.. It has a Gift Card No and a small place where upon scratching I got a number.. But I don't know what is the value that is loaded onto this card.. Is there any way to check it online and redeem it online ?
  6. anish_sha

    1TB USB HDD loaded with 1080p HD movies

    Hi guys, in mumbai right now, Looking for a 1TB USB HDD /Media player loaded with 1080P HD movies to be played in my new Bravia TV.. Also please share if anyone knows good shops in Lamington Road who can do it for me...:hap2::hap2:
  7. ajayashish

    A GPS system from US

    I am in US and want to buy a GPS system for my car... I am not sure if they will work in India and if they will have the maps loaded... can someone tell me if anyone has used a GPS bought in US and is working in INDIA..
  8. S

    problem in running fifa 11

  9. A

    Advice/Help :PC troubleshooting

    HI guys, My PC is acting strange from last 3 days.I tried to clean my memory and memory slot and many known alternative way but still in vain.Last night i noticed something and i have doubt about my Mother board.Hence want your support and thought on this. PC info is as follows- Model...
  10. Anish

    Slow IE

    HI friends, My win7 OS came pre installed with IE8. It was running fine. But after some days, it became dead slow. It's loading more than 15-20 minutes to load google.com. So i upgraded it to IE9 that too dosent help.. It loaded the msn website at the first start and again gone dead slow...
  11. phuchungbhutia

    Yet another BSOD problem

    My friend had xp loaded and it was causing problem since last 2 weeks, he could start the sys a week ago , even tried reinstalling but xp cd wont even copy the dll while setup. So i installed vista into the system, but that was giving errors n restrting at times n crashing programs. Then he...
  12. NewsBytes

    Windows 7 still needs anti-virus, susceptible to 8 out of 10 viruses

    During the launch of the new Windows 7, Microsoft had a lot to say about the safety features it offered, and especially protection from viruses and malware. While it was always meant to be taken with a pinch of salt, the guys at security firm Sophos decided to put the operating system to the...
  13. R

    Avast Home Edition 4.6 failed

    Dear all, I installed Avast Home Edition 4.6 with a genuine license key posted by ALWIL team . But came up with problems. The installed Avast shows no existence and activities in my system. But can be viewed in the program folder. From there I tried to activate in the system tray but...
  14. hjpotter92

    Delay in pc boot

    I recently purchased PC with following specs i7 920 process of 2.67GHz,Mother Board intelDX58SO, RAM 1GBx3 of 1333MHz FSB Transcend , NVIDIA graphic card 9600 GS of 776MB,SATA 320 GB HDD, the monitor is Samsung syncMaster 920nw KB & Mouse PS2 into USB loaded with WinXp Proff 64bit...
  15. Sathish

    Altec Lansing VS 4121B 2.1- two month old - for 1800

    here is the picture. i bought this one on Jan'09 for 2850-/. now i ready to sale this for 1800/-.Perfect for music additives. i am in chennai. so free shiping for chennai buyers only. interested guys contact me at sathish.394@gmail.com reasons for sale: eye on high end...
  16. Ishan

    Another User Account

    I want to create an another user account in windows XP This user account will be only for programming purpose. So when it loads only Necessary Programs must be loaded like... Netbeans for java Visual Studio for .net TC etc.. Rest only the basic services must be loaded so my maximum Ram can be...
  17. Sathish

    buying Altec Lansing VS4121.. need suggestions

    i am now at buying Altec Lansing VS 4121 2.1 speaker system for 2.8k in chennai. here is the tech specifications.. package includes: 2x Satellites 1x Subwoofer 1x 6ft. 3.5mm Stereo cable 1x Console Gaming Y-adapter 1x Manual 1x Quick Connection Card Specifications Satellite -...
  18. R

    Issue with Palit HD4850 Sonic

    my 3 days old Card is giving me few probs! initially i got few red vertical patches on the screen followed by vertical green dots and this use to disappear when i my Vista gets loaded. but since morning i keep getting this all the time and i get a BSOD after the "Loading" screen of Vista.this...
  19. naveen_reloaded

    Firefox save image woes

    hi all i am actually on GPRS ...and speed as u all know is pathetic recently i found that that a image loaded onto a web completely , when given to say to my hard drive .. was once again downloaded by firefox.. so if the page is actually loaded with the images say around 100 KB , when i give...
  20. MetalheadGautham

    ASUS - Express Gate - Beware while buying

    Apparently, ASUS's much advertised Express Gate has two versions, one titled express gate and other express gate lite. The later can be installed only if you use windows vista and is not loaded IN the motherboard, rather, its loaded in an NTFS partition on the HDD. Read below for more...
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