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[HELP] Video Promotion strategies


Hi Guys..

Need your help. I have taken up a social media marketing class, in which i had to make a viral video as the class project. I have made the video and uploaded to youtube.
With the tagline “Blackouts Zaroori hai!”, the video takes a satirical look at the power blackout situation in India wherein it claims that the blackouts help in creating lives, making the lives easier and helps saving lives.
I need a strategy to promote this video.

The video is available @ Blackouts Zaroori Hain!! - YouTube

Please suggest how I can make it more popular.
Thanks for your help in advance.


Right off the assembly line
1. Make "video responses" on YouTube. Go to a related video that has a lot of views and comments, and click "create a video response." Now, your video will be linked to the popular video!
2. Write a blog or article about your video.
3. Promote your videos on Myspace and Facebook
4. Make sure you have a good title and appropriate tags


Atleast do the basic SEO

1) Add RELEVANT (Dont add irrelevant tags) tags to your video
2) Put a link of video in its description (Believe me it helps)
3) Post it on funny fb pages


Thanks mohityadavx for the tips.

1) I have already added the tags to video
2) Just added the link of video in its description.. hope it brings some more attention.
3) I tried posting on fb pages.. but the link moves to the right hand feed and it moves down fairly quickly (as it is not visible on page.. no one actually views it)

I have also sent messages to a couple of pages to post my video.. (relevant to my theme) but till now no one has responded.
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