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Hi my frnd has appropriate hardware requirements for vista but he dont a internet connection so, he wants a full trail of windows vista (DVD) is this possible.if yes where can he get it i mean any MAGzine ......he lives in A.P(andhra pradesh) eluru

for me UBUNTU is best

And photoshop cs3 too(TRAIL)
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If you want to buy a Windows Vista any version please contact us www.miraclextreme.com. We are a Certified Microsoft Partners. :D.

i just Purchased today Windows Vista Home Premium, what a look man, amazing hot music and welcome screen. I am using on my system requirement.

You must have

2.8 Dual Core or higher
768 ( 512 + 256 ) DDR Ram or Higher
16 GB FREE Disk Space with NTFS Partition.
Graphic Card not required.
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