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  1. 56561

    dvd burning is taking extreme time

    I have liteon dvd writer . I was burning a file of 1.5 GB and it took 1 hr !! . I dont know why it is so late . i think some defect on software/hardware . can anyone give some clue ?
  2. vandit

    win XP sp2

    which programs/games/appelets shall i not be able to run after i may upgrade to win xp sp2( a little late though) ??? plz provide an exhaustive list...
  3. Official Techie

    what the hell is this !!!!!!

    i have got a mail from this email address and i want to know what it does mean <aminabello2005@she.com> what should i do i searched google and most probably its a scam message From:Mrs.Amina.A Bello. Attn:The Managing Director Before I proceed, may I humbly introduce myself to...
  4. a_to_z123

    SubTitles appearing late while playing DVD

    Well I've quite a few DVDs on which sub-titles appear quite late with respect to the audio. I tried in vain to find an option to delay subtitles but failed. I play DVDs directly in the DVD-ROM. This happens with only some DVDs not all. Can anybody help me fix this problem.... Thx in...
  5. gdatuk

    Apple's New Mobile pod

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/2/hi/technology/4223938.stm Check this out..this is the new kid on the block Is it worth it? or just a competition to sony walkmobile? Anyway apple is too late in this segment
  6. lahratla

    Problem with Internet Connection Status Icon

    I'm uisng a 56 Kbps dial-up connection in WinXP+SP2. While the connection used to be 52-48 Kbps, I could not connect at more than 31.2 Kbps these days. Besides, when connectiing, the status icon in the system tray appears quite late. And when disconnecting, the icons disappears late and...
  7. kumarmohit

    Fedora Core 4

    Wts wrong with the Fedora Core 4 -- the final release shud have come out by now Can anyone point out the Showstopper , It was scheduled for either today or JUNE 6 wasnt it TOO Late for the 6-- Come on Fedora PPL We are waiting :?
  8. iinfi

    avast! Conneciton timeout

    my PC is a PIII 733Mhz, 256MB RAM with OS , win XP SP2 of late when ever i try to connect to yahoo messenger i m getting an error message saying (in a message box.) i m unable to sign in :-( i use avast antivirus ..... and zone alarm firewall .... i have installed e-donkey of late (is...
  9. A

    HELP : Windows XP serial !!!

    I have a AMD 2000+ machine running a pirated version of Windows XP. As a result i am unable to install any of the updates and Service packs. Help before its too late !
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