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  1. comrade

    Altec Lansing ATP3

    Altec Lansing ATP3 2.1 Speakers Condition->Used(1-2 Yrs) Expected Price: Rs.1250/- Origin: Chennai
  2. N

    how loud is this

    hello everyone, i'm planning to buy the logitech R-20 speakers. well it is rated 12W rms. i just wanted to ask if it loud enough for a medium sized room. or should i go for the altec lansing avs300 rated 17W rms nearly costing the same. if you had to rate for the best among these two which would...
  3. C

    Altec Lansing VS3151R

    Hey guys I wanna sell my altec lansing vs3151r. I bought them at end of FEB 2006. Condition is very good. I have everything I got in box (polythenes and all :D ) Cost is Rs.4.8k (In market they r available for 6k-6.2k) Reason: Buying new speakers. Interested ppl can contact me.:)...
  4. H

    confused about which Altec lansing to buy... 2.1 or 5.1

    well altec lansing 2.1 speaker is Rs 3k but 5.1 speaker is Rs 4k ..............so I cannot decide which one to buy 2.1 or 5.1 ?? please help
  5. C

    Altec Lansing VS3151R or GT5051R

    Guys I m gonna buy a new pc in some days. Everything is decided expect speakers. I have two options in mind Altec Lansing VS3151R or Altec Lansing GT5051R. My budget is 6.5k. So I need ur suggestions guys. Which one shld I buy? I want speakers for movies and games.
  6. K

    Please suggest: Creative SBS 370 OR Altec Lansing AVS 300

    Hi, Please suggest among the two: Creative SBS 370 and Altec Lansing AVS 300. Which one is a better?? Thanks
  7. S

    Cost of hardware ?????????

    Can u guys tell me the cost of these hardwares . I intend to buy them from local dealers . I just want to verify : 1. Creative inspire 2.1 speakers 2. Creative sbs 2.1 speakers 3.Altec lansing 2.1 4.LG 52X cd writer suggest some good cabinet under 1.5K
  8. P

    Good 5.1 speakers

    I was looking for Logitech X-530 5.1 speakers here in Mumbai. But it seems no single dealer is having them (not even Rashi). Could you guys plzzzz tell me where I can get these speakers..?? Or else recommend me some other speakers with reasonable price. My opts are- 1.Altec Lansing VS3151R...
  9. TechGuru#1

    Best 5.1 MultiChannel Speakers for arnd Rs. 10,000

    Budget is around Rs 10,000 What should be the "BEST" 5.1 channel PC speakers (readily) available in India??Period Me closing on to the following models 1) Altec Lansing VS3151R (with IR Remote) 2) Altec Lansing Model 5100,(though old but good looking)(but cable remote) My...
  10. P


    Could you guys please tell me about this config and also tell me prices if possible- AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (939, winchester) is venice available in India..?? What's the lowest number available and what's the price?? Asus A8N-E Kingston 1024MB DDR at 400MHz (dual channel) Seagate...
  11. S

    altec lansing wow!!!

    give me details of altec lansing speakers & their quality up to 2K
  12. I

    Altec Lansing 2.1

    Does Altec Lansing 2.1 avs 300b run on inbuilt sound of intel d845glly motherboard or you need a seperate sound card ? then which sound caard should i use ?
  13. vysakh


    how much will i recieve if i sell the following processor----pentium 4 2.0Ghz mobo----intel(original) 865 ----no AGP slot RAM---256 MB DDR @ 266Mhz 128 " " " " monitor---HCM580M (HCL) keyboard-- smart office 8500 (141 keys) mouse---logitech optical wheel mouse...
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