1. praka123

    All godmen are fake, says Kerala minister

    All godmen are fake, says Kerala minister 17 May 2008, 1208 hrs IST,TIMESOFINDIA.COM NEW DELHI: Religious figures across Kerala are up in arms against Devasom minister G Sudhakaran, after he pointed a finger at all godmen in state, labelling them as fake, according to a Times Now...
  2. Dark Star

    Kerala goess 100% FOSS .

    Kerala is all set to become the first state in the country to completely banish Microsoft and allow only GNU/Linux free software to be used in the mandatory IT test at the state SSLC examinations that half a million students will appear for from next week. Till last year, they could take the...
  3. unni

    Should I Buy 9 Cell Battery from Dell or from Outside + few more questions?

    I am planning to buy a Dell XPS M1530. 1. I want to go for a 9 cell battery. In the Dell site, upgrading to a 9 cell battery costs Rs. 7906. A few weeks ago, if I remember correctly, the cost for upgrading from 6 cell to 9 cell was much much less. I would like to know which would be better -...
  4. hoodiboy

    Price of New Gen iPod Nano..???

    Hii guys... i m planning to buy an 8 GB Apple iPod Nano...??? can anyone pls tell me how much it will cost and the original apple retailer shop...anyways i m from kerala....!!!!!
  5. Cyrus_the_virus

    Kerala shuts windows, schools to use only Linux

    KOCHI, MARCH 4: Richard M Stallman—global free software guru, VS Achuthanandan’s darling and almost a freewheeling adviser of sorts to the Kerala Government—may now have more reasons to break out into that jig that he abruptly did while being given a somberly reverential welcome in Kerala a few...
  6. RCuber - Nature Nature and Only Nature

    NATURE NATURE AND NATURE ----NATURES GLAMOUR GONE LIVE Well guys .. one of our forum member Vijay aka eureca_eurace has silently launched his website and didnot inform us :mad: , any way I am happy to introduce his site .. , its related to Nature Photographs. And to my...
  7. FilledVoid

    Help! What is wrong with my BSNL Broadband Portal!!!

    Hi all, Ive recently got a Broadband connection from BSNL. Now I can't seem to be able to check my Usage. I go to the site and when I log in this is what I get. Why in the world am I ending up in a blank screen which I can't get out of? Anytime I call the...
  8. din

    Another Win to Lin story from Kerala - Savings = 1 Crore

    Source - Mathrubhumi, the lading newspaper in Kerala, dated 2nd Oct 2007 I saw an article in yesterday's news paper about KSEB (The Kerala State Electricity Board) move from Win OS to Ubuntu. Really un-belivable but true story. Tha pplication they developed was useless and hell lotta bugs (of...
  9. jackal_79

    need help in selecting h/w

    Hi guys, I have decided to upgrade my existing PC.As most of the things on my system are obselete i have to change those. I use the system primarily for gaming. But my Budget is around 17,000 /- max. I decide to go for a intel core2duo 2.33 Ghz based system.The price for that in kerala...
  10. karnivore

    "Calculus" originated in Kerala ???????

    WOW!!! One more reason to be proud to be an Indian. Source
  11. H

    Athlon XP 1700, nForce chipset ASUS mobo, 128 MB DDR 266, 128 MB FX5200 AGP

    All for Rs. 4000. Shipping in Kerala only.
  12. M


    My Dears, Especially Keralites, use this thread for your SALES & BUYING inside KERALA. lokking forward mobileman a Keralite
  13. desertwind

    FOSS Meet @ NITC 2007

    Another chance for a get together for FOSS Community at National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Kerala. National Institute of Technology, Calicut will be hosting a three-day conference, pertaining to Free and Open Source Software, namely FOSS Meet @ NITC 2007, on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March...
  14. C

    nokia 9300 for sale!!!

    8Months used communicator for sale people from banglore & kerala reply.
  15. pradipudhaya

    Kerala logs Microsoft out of schools 1.5 million students in 2,650 schools will use Linux The Communist Party of India (Marxists)-led government in Kerala headed by Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan is not just against American cola majors -- Coca-Cola and PepsiCo -- alone. Nearly three weeks after the...
  16. linuxman

    Any Malayalees here?

    I am Malayali. Presently working as a software engineer @ Bangalore. Any others from Kerala here? Regards ~LinuxMan~
  17. chesss

    Huge INDIA update for Google Earth - A lil update

    hey Didn't anyone notice? In the last google eaarth databse update 10+ cities have been added to high resolution.!! Which means if live in one of those cities you have a great time!!. Also I notice my Home in Delhi has got an even higher resolution!! and generally the images are brighter and...
  18. A

    need advice on upgrading my graphics card....plzzz help.....

    hey guys......... first let me give my system config. AMD 64bit 2800+ 512mb RAM ASUS K8N motherboard ( i gave only an AGP 8X slot !!! ) XFX geforce FX5200 256mb i need to upgrade my graphics card......... i have a budget of around 20k.... i searched with my dealer and he said that a...
  19. K

    price of n6600

    what is the price of nokia6600? I am from kerala..
  20. din

    Dialup using Mobile - Possible ?

    . Forgive me if this is a dumb question . Anyway here it goes Is it possible to use mobile for dial-up connection ? Like mobile->dialup->bluetooth->PC/Lappy . Requirement At present I use Airtel GPRS when I am on the move . I am gettin decent speeds (40/20 k) with GPRS in Kerala , but...
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