1. newway01

    GTS 450 Graphics Card

    Hi, I'm looking for a GTS450 1Gb Card. Budget is 4.5k shipped. Someone got one up for sale, lemme know. Location: Kochi, Kerala.
  2. Charley

    Cheapest GSM provider and best plan with coverage in Kerala

    Which is the best plan & provider with very good coverage suitable for Mylapra, Pathnamthitta, Kerala?
  3. S

    computer dealers in south kerala

    Am from Adoor in pathanamthitta district of kerala and am trying to upgrade my system. The problem is i cant find a good store in around here. they do not have most of the products we speak of in here. actually many havnt even heard of brands like FSP. one even said that thers no athlon II x4...
  4. T

    canon DSLR (body only)

    hi, i am looking to buy a canon dslr body post 350D models only models like 1000d, 400d etc Location: Trivandrum, Kerala PM me with expected price, warranty status, shutter count etc
  5. newway01

    Nvidia 9400,9500 or GT Series

    Hello, I am looking for Nvidia 9 Series or Entry level GT series cards..I am from Cochin, Kerala. Hit me up if you got one..
  6. S

    shops in kerala.

    I just wanna know some good computer shops in kerala mostly in the southern part as i am from pathanamthitta. Most of the dealers here don't have the components that we say as good and especially they don't have anything amd or ati. I also plan to take some components in wholesale as many of my...
  7. H

    One month used Dell Mini 12

    Expected Rs. 25000 ish. Bought locally. * I believe RS.31000 is the price of a brand new one. But if it is available for less, please let me know. Shipping outside Kerala is not an...
  8. S

    Railwire in Kerala

    I had mailed Railwire about when they'll be coming to Kerala. Here is the reply.. Warm Greetings from RailWire! This is w.r.t.your recent online enquiry with RailWire (appended below). We are glad to receive your enquiry. Kerala will come under our pan-India rollout plans. From the customer...
  9. M

    Please suggest a good 64 -bit config for 3ds max

    My friend at Dell discouraged me from buying a laptop for 3ds max work.He suggested a rough configuration like this(He assembled it 1 year ago from Singapore.He said it came under 40,000) : AMD 4800 X2 ASUS M2N SLI Deluxe 7600GT(or GTX)(512 MB) graphics card(is a 512 MB version available ?)...
  10. george101

    where to buy dell monitor in kerala

    hi guys i want to buy a dell 1908wfp lcd monitor but its not availabe anywhere i checked... am alleppey, kerala. i also went to many shops in ernakulam/kochi and kottayam, but none seems to have any dell monitor. do u hav any idea why? if some1 can provide me a shop address or contact from where...
  11. phreak0ut

    Going for a trip to Kerala. Anything special to buy?

    Hi Keralites ;) I'm going down to Kerala with a HUGE gang of friends from college. God knows where we will be once we get to our jobs, so we thought why not take a trip to God's own country :) It will be a package tour and will be covering 8 places. The usual tourist spots like Munnar...
  12. I

    configuring bsnl broadband

    hi, I hav applied to the dataone connection from bsnl. I have the Siemens gigaset se568 adsl modem from etisalat. Can anyone help me how to configure it for bsnl in Kerala with the modem I described above????? ABHISHEK.
  13. H

    Bomb blast to happen @ kerala

    Now, through the channel indiavision, a local one, i head the news of a mystery caller identified as mujahiddin warning about a bobm blast in kerala @ kochi city @ 7pm..... 9 mins to go and the caller repeatedly says kochi. he also says he's from pakistan... here's his number that can't be...
  14. praka123

    Developers 'privatising' the Kerala coast

    Mark Rowe Last Updated: 5:05PM BST 18/07/2008 Hotel developers in southern India have been accused of seizing coastal land that was hit by the tsunami of 2004. Getty A new report says developers are exploiting fishermen's lack of business experience...
  15. B

    Graphics cards for sale

    Graphics card for sale The Sparkle 7600GT is still up for sale.I am not selling the 8800GTS. I prefer Kerala customers.My email id is
  16. praka123

    'Red' painting in Kerala schools by Ruling Communist Party

    Red' painting in Kerala schools Kerala is facing a threat from communist scholars and government. The government has revised the school text books for the upper and lower primary classes. The books are based on communist lines and making the students think on those lines.. CHILDREN...
  17. ayahuasca

    Gamers Of Kerala

    For The Good Gamers In Kerala To Meet And Share Whatever You Have, Whatever You Posses, Whatever You Create . . . MY CURRENT GAMES GRID F.E.A.R. (also extraction point) CRYSIS FARCRY FLATOUT 2 TORIBASH CALL OF DUTY 1 (multiplayer) UNDERGROUND 2 (multiplayer)
  18. ajnaskhan

    Budget Pc Configuration

    Gigabyte GA-MA78-GM-S2H - Rs 4200/- Athlon 64 X2 4800+ - Rs 3250/- 2GB DDR2 RAM - Rs 1600/- Zebronics VIVAH - Rs 1500/- Comment on this mix up. Also specify any price fluctuations from that mentioned...
  19. ajnaskhan

    GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2H - help needed

    GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2H please anybody help me with the current prices of this mobo and its availability.... comments on this board are also welcomed..... is anyone out there from kerala then pls specify whether the board is available at ur place and at what price.............
  20. george101

    Doubt about dell!!!!

    i have a doubt.. am an engineering student and i want to buy a notebook... i wud like to knw if i can purchase a dell Dell Vostro 1510 as it says it is for Small & Medium Business and if yes HOW??? i live in kerala and there is no option in dells site to select kerala aftr the config... can any1...
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