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Mandriva 2009.0 Discussion Thread

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All 'Mandriva 2009.0' Release News Goes Here
Mandriva 2009.0 Released

Mandriva Linux 2009 is one of the most ground-breaking releases of Mandriva Linux, the leader in innovative and easy-to-use desktop Linux, ever.

It introduces KDE 4 - specifically, 4.1.2 - as the default desktop. This major new release of KDE promises to revolutionize the desktop experience. Other major new software versions include GNOME 2.24, OpenOffice.org 3.0, and Mozilla Firefox 3. The Linux kernel version is 2.6.27. No less important are the major re-designs of the Mandriva installer and Control Center tools.​

Plans implemented in 2009.0 Final : -
  1. Improved boot time
  2. Optional automatic removal of 'orphans' (no longer required packages) in the package management tools
  3. The use of the increasingly popular and fast-maturing PackageKit and PolicyKit technologies
  4. Improvements to the Mandriva Windows migration and parental control tools
  5. A live distribution upgrade mode for MandrivaUpdate
  6. A new design for the installer
  7. Migration to KDE 4, OpenOffice.org 3, and Firefox 3
  8. Splashy will replace Boot Splash
  9. Live Upgrade (Same as Ubuntu Update Manager )
Features :
  1. Linux kernel 2.6.27 [Using Linux Kernel 2.6.27 rc9?]
  2. GCC 4.3
  3. GNOME 2.24
  4. KDE 4.1.2
  5. Firefox 3.0.3
  6. OpenOffice.org 3.0
  7. Revamped installer
  8. Improved boot speed
  9. Improved DKMS (Dynamic Kernel Module Support) management
  10. Improved language selection
  11. Implementation of the PolicyKit and PackageKit technologies
  12. Improvements to the Mandriva Windows Migration and Parental Control utilities
  13. Live Upgrade (same as Ubuntu's update-manager tool)
  14. Initscript improvements
  15. Splashy will replace the actual boot splash
  16. Lots of desktop improvements
Development planning:The following editions are planned for each pre-release:
  1. Free : x86-32 and x86-64 DVDs, x86-32 CD, dual x86-32 / x86-64 Mini CD - 100% free / open source software
  2. One : KDE and GNOME x86-32 CDs, including proprietary drivers
Roadmap :-
  1. Mandriva Linux 2009 Alpha 1 : 2008/06/25
  2. Mandriva Linux 2009 Alpha 2 : 2008/07/10
  3. Mandriva Linux 2009 Beta 1 : 2008/07/29
  4. Mandriva Linux 2009 Beta 2 : 2008/08/19
  5. Mandriva Linux 2009 RC 1 : 2008/09/03
  6. Mandriva Linux 2009 RC 2 : 2008/09/23
  7. Mandriva Linux 2009 Official Internal Release : 2008/10/02
  8. Mandriva Linux 2009 Official Public Release : 2008/10/09

New and Improved Free/Power Pack Installer

Download Mandriva 2009.0 : Download | Mandriva
Source : 2009.0 - Mandriva Community Wiki | 2009.0 Tour - Mandriva Community Wiki | 2009.0 Errata - Mandriva Community Wiki | 2009.0 Notes - Mandriva Community Wiki
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Yay/./. RC1 is out :D Great improvement's , shifts to newer .27 kernel and new theme .. for more info check main post :)


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Abe ye RC hai. Bandwidth faltu hai kya tere pass ???
Agar han to vo Revolution OS download kar de mujhe :D
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Yipee :D Mandriva 2009.0 final out :D Grab it while its hot :p Man posting it even before its official blog announcement :D


Help....nothing can be heard in mandriva.....files are getting played but no sound.... I have already created a thread.. reposting here...

System: Dell Studio 1535
Chipset: Intel GM/PM 965
Audio Device: IDT 92HD73C ( as shown in BIOS)

In mandriva, when I entered lspcidrake -v at console, the audio device is shown as snd_hda_intel : 82801H (ICH

But when I entered /sbin/chkconfig --list sound & /sbin/chkconfig --list alsa, an error message is shown - "error: no such file or directory"

the file chkconfig does exist in the given path.... Help me

later I tried installing omega 10 and fedora 9.... all of them is having the same problem...
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I downloaded the Mandriva One edition.. liked it.. Installed it insided Ubuntu on Virtualbox.. now i'm thinking that should i download the Mandriva's DVD version or should go for Ubuntu 8.10...

#include <offtopic.h>
How do i download the wi-fi drivers for HP 520 lap.. Ubuntu 8.04.1 doesn't even detects it.. its not really a problem though.. but still you never know when you get into trouble..


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I'll try installing Mandriva One on that laptop within a day or two (neighbour's laptop, brand new, given by Cipla).. then i'll post the results..
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