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  1. latino_ansari

    is SE k790i 3g???

    I just wanted to know that if my SE K790i is 3g enabled phone...
  2. Liverpool_fan

    Cellphone from 8K to 10K

    My sister need another Cell Phone with a good camera (really good one as she has used SE K790i), in the budget 8K-10K. I initially recommended the K810i, but I think it may be too similar to the K790i, and she wants change... It should be slim, light to carry around and have a good battery...
  3. K

    Again want lil help

    Hi friends, Friends, I have shortlisted some good cell phone models, now tell me which one 2 go. ( I like SE, but I want to shift to Symbian ) 1) nokia 5320 xm what is d price? 2) SE g502 3) se k790i 4) se k810i 5) any cell that u think good and suit 4 me and also delivers good...
  4. S

    Agent001 is wrong?

    hi! in this month's issue --in ask agent001--he quoted the sony ericsson K810i for Rs.8000.A couple of months back he quoted the k790i @ about Rs.9000 and the K800i for about Rs.8000. i am currently looking to purchase the K790i/K810i,but nowhere could i find the rates to be so low as agent001...
  5. S

    Sony K790i Transfer Problem

    Hello Geeks, I got new SE k790i phone... i connected it to my pc via USB cable n installed the drivers as per instuctions... but when i transfer a song it takes long time. for example transferring a song to its memory card of 10 mb it takes approx 2 mins, which is very painful... what shud i...
  6. S

    k790i vs k810i vs k800

    Guys which is the best among these ?
  7. H

    Help me mod my K790i

    hey ppl at last i've joined the SE bandwagon.hav bought the SE K790i.its my 1st SE fone.and i wanna mod the hell out of it. so i shall like to request all the SE gurus to plz help in my venture to mod the K790i. Thnx to all.:)
  8. P

    Sony Ericsson K810i or K790i???

    which mobile is better Sony Ericsson K810i or K790i in terms of cam, ergonomics, etc
  9. S

    K790i or N73?

    I am planning to buy a new mobile. My choices are Nokia N73 and Sony Ericsson K790i. Which one is better? :) It must a good music and camera phone.
  10. E

    k790i or k810i

    Hi friends! I am confused between the k790i and the k810i...I don't know which one to buy. I've heard the following things about both the phones. Plz correct me if I am wrong and guide me as to which phone is better: 1)There is no major difference in software between the 2 phones 2)The k810i...
  11. *GandaBerunda*

    motorokr e6 prob?

    i went to check out k790i and the salesman there had motorokr e6, he showed me the phone and i was so damn impressed, i dont want k790i anymore;):) im thinking of buying e6, but i have a few doubts...is the phone durable? i mean, its a touch screen, so does it spoil if u drop it? and also does...
  12. *GandaBerunda*

    k790i?? plzz help :)

    Ive fallen in love wit the camera and the music player of k790i, and im thinking of buying it. But ive heard that it keeps hanging and also the joystick is supposed to be bad. A friend of mine says moto rokr e6 is a better choice. What do u say? Im really confused:confused:
  13. M

    phone under 15k-

    should have good camera and edge\-like k790i. n 73 music edition k810i which is best do reply=========
  14. J

    Rokr E6 , SEk790i or Nokia 5700 which one to buy

    I have gone through lot of forum and a number of threads in this forum but i am still confused about which phone to buy I have narrowed down my choices to these three : 1. Motorola ROKR E6 2. SE K790i 3. Nokia 5700 Listening music and watching videos would be my first priority...
  15. vasulic

    Radio without my headset

    In which mobile I use the radio without headset in NokiaN73me , SE k810i or SE k790i?
  16. azzu


    i hav new K790i the problem is when ever i try to install yahoo go or any new java APPS it say's upgrade ur K790i to latest firmware i hav a dailup conn so it is taking lot of time using SE's update service and there's no SERVICE CENTRE OF SE is in near plz help me and also can we...
  17. azzu

    .txt to message

    I have some messages in .txt form how can i convert them to messages to my K790i Help me......
  18. A

    gaming phone..

    hy guys one of my frens wants to go for a phone in which he can play lots of 3d games smoothly.. and he uses the phone to connect to internet thru his pc and phone as modem.. i insisted him to buy k790i or n73me for gaming.. but my question is how much speed(downloading speed) do u get when u...
  19. A

    k790i or 5700?

    hi guys i want buy a phone.. i'm totally confused.. i have two phones in my mind. k790i and 5700. i want looks, and i want fast internet, i take photos too, i use music very often cause i ve an ipod video. i want my phone to be very fast. so could anyone please suggest me which one to...
  20. Pravas

    SE K790i Hyderabad

    Hello Everybody, i have Sony Ericsson k790i bought on October 2006. At that time it cost me 18500...but i am selling it for 8500k. My Packages Include:- SE k790i (The handset itself) ---Condition are very good. Ear Plug (Walkman)---Condition are very good. Data cable.---Condition are very...
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