1. P

    Best Open Source Classified software

    Classifieds site have a bright future as more and more people in world are using Internet to search for products and services locally. Classifieds was already a huge market before Internet came to the forefront. But the medium was restricted to print media and it proved to be a hassle for users...
  2. Y

    Rewrite path to css files in Joomla?

    I am running a Joomla 3.0.3 website on LAMP. The problem I am facing is that general public is able to view that template I am currently using by looking into source code. The current html output is Is there a way to change the path so that...
  3. Nipun

    Joomla Sidebar help

    Hello people! I am trying to learn Joomla, the content management software but I am unable to understand how to make sidebars. Basically I want a sidebar with links to other pages on my website(which are not maintained by Joomla) and other websites. Please guide me how can I do this. :)
  4. S

    joomla problems/innovative ideas required

    hai friends, I want suggestions regarding Joomla CMS platform. what i need is to make data base of my office employes, having all the details of my employee with photo, and this database is to be published in my joomla website. thanks in advance.
  5. T

    Advice Needed in buying a Web Hosting Reseller Package

    Hi Friends, I am a webdeveloper and i mostly use ASP.NET for developing websites. However, some of the websites were also developed in Joomla. Currently i am using the Windows Shared Hosting plan of GoDaddy to host the websites. I am looking for a web hosting reseller package, so that i can...
  6. Gauravs90

    Which content mangement or website maker?

    which content management or website maker should i use from the following Drupal Geeklog Joomla 1.5...
  7. Sumeet_naik

    Homepage showing link to CMS and not the CMS directly

    Hi, I bought a site * and installed Joomla (CMS) on the site through one-click install(Elefante free-scripts). But the CMS gets installed in * and the homepage shows a FTP like path structure and I need to click on the joomla link to get to...
  8. krishnandu.sarkar


    I want 2 host a webpage in my own computer. I came across XAMPP. So can ny1 help me by providing a brief tutorial about how to use it??? And wat is Joomla?? Wat it is used for???
  9. B

    Can any one help me in Joomla...

    Can any one tell me were i can get joomla tutorial......
  10. victor_rambo

    Joomla versus Wordpress!

    As some of you may be aware, I am hobbyist-turned-professional PHP-MySQL programmer. These days, I have to commonly deal with open-source packages such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc. Almost all of my work is related to wordpress. I have observed that Worpdress is easy to use and customize. Mind...
  11. Faun

    Joomla can be more friendly for hackers too !!!

    For 1 week my net connection was down ! And today when I opened my blog (, I found that the index page was altered by some hacker. One thing is sure that same guy hacked into other users having Joomla installed. I too has version 1.5.8 but never used it (someone else
  12. T

    Joomla For Website

    Hi I want to make my own website wid joomla so i want a free web host wid atleast 5GB free hosting and PHP 5.2 + MySQL 4.1.x + Apache (with mod_mysql, mod_xml, 2.x+ and...
  13. jerin3013

    Joomla or Wordpress?

    hey guyz.... I'm going to buy a new domain soon........ for that which one is good.....Joomla or Wordpress?(if therez any other plz tell me) also explain some gud features of this....:)
  14. sganesh

    need help in installing joomla

    Hi, i need to setup Joomla on my local machine XP, i ve installed xamp5 and joomla1.5.8 stable edition, i ve extracted content of joomla to c:/wamp/www/,then i started xamp,when i typed in local browser *localhost/joomla/installation/index.php it says Fatal error: Class 'JRequest' not...
  15. D

    Joomla or Drupal ?

    Just a quick question. Which is better, Joomla or Drupal? (and why)
  16. appu

    Joomla Shift

    Hi i haave a blog for nseries themes * and i got a domain for it and have brought hosting from cyrus I wann know is there any way to intregrate the blogs content into the joomla plateform or not also i wann know that does joomla have...
  17. NucleusKore


    I would like to know of any good reference books/sites for Joomla, for beginers. Update: Free or paid
  18. goobimama

    How easy is Joomla?

    I need to make a site in Joomla. A shopping site. Now, how easy is joomla to learn? Anyone have experience with it? I'm primarily in design, I don't usually do the programming part, but my programmer friend is a bit busy these days so I have to do it myself. I can understand code that way and do...
  19. mayanks_098

    Suggest the best CMS for website

    So i want i website CMS. My requirements: 1.Should be free 2.Should load acceptably fast or can load acceptably slow but not too much. 3. i want it for my home page.My website currently has a blog and a forum so see that they work properly.I also may want to add a gallery+downloads to site. 4...
  20. arnab2kool

    Looking for a tutorial of Joomla that can teach me to make a template.

    Looking for a tutorial that can teach me how to make a Joomla template. Can anybody help me in this regard? I am familiar with Joomla but not with template making. I want to make my own template for Joomla. Waiting for help. Thank you.
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