1. C

    Want best noise isolation in-ear below 1K!

    I want best noise isolation in-ear below 1000 rupees. my only priority is noise isolation. I have other headphones to fulfil my audio needs.
  2. ithehappy

    Kindly suggest a headphone [7.5-8K]

    Kindly suggest a headphone [12-13K] First of all thanks for unlocking my account, much appreciated. So I bought a Audio Technica M40X headphone few days ago, and I received the product today. I listened to it for half an hour or so, and the sound-stage is really dull for me. I mean the sound...
  3. T

    Need IEMs for ~1k

    Music: Trance, House, Techno,Tech-House (Not too much big-room/commercial bass heavy EDM) Lower mids are important, and so are highs :lol: Travel by bus; besides the noise they sometimes decide to play music there :-x ; so good noise isolation is something I need. Mic/ Volume control not...
  4. K

    need earphones around 1K ?

    i want to BUY a EARPHONE for my mobile Phone... my budget is around 1K.. factors are ; 1.Good bass and sound quality 2.Noise isolation 3.simple and plain looks Please help !
  5. pulkitpopli2004

    Headphones V/s Earphone

    Yesterday when i was listening songs on a Nokia Headset.. i realized and asked a question to myself why people buy Headphone when in-ear earphones are present.. they are nt heavy, they provide very good noise isolation and cost is also comparatively low.. then why Headphones?? Whats your...
  6. elton_1991

    Headphones under 2K

    Hi guys,I'm looking for a new pair of headphones which I'll be using on my Samsung wave(GT-S8500).I dont have any favorite music genre,so need something with a good balance between clarity and bass.I dont want the sound to leak in and out so ones with noise isolation cups would be good. If...
  7. ssk_the_gr8

    Suggestion for Earphones

    i want to get new earphones for my creative zen V+ . my main requirements are- 1)It should be cheap... say around 1k or less 2)I will be using it to practice drumming...while listening to tracks.. so i'd prefer.. noise isolation or noise cancellation types .. if possible .. cuz regular...
  8. GameAddict

    WTB: Old Creative EP 630

    I mainly listen to Audiobooks and want something like EP 630 which fits in the ear and has some noise isolation. Budget Rs.200/-. let me know if you want to sale them off. GA
  9. R

    what are noise isolation ear buds ?

    what are this noise isolation ear buds that are provided by dell along with laptops? are they different in any way with the usual ear phones
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