1. Pravas

    Broke my One Plus 3 Screen

    Hi everyone, I broke my 2months old one plus 3's screen recently. Worst part is that I'd no knowledge of claiming the insurance which we have to activate manually within 30days of purchase. Now I'm stuck with a broken screen with my only option to repair it under a cost of 8K. I guess...
  2. D

    Suggest me a very reliable mobile insurance scheme in India

    Hey all, I have ordered 2 phones via amazon (moto g4+ & mi5) and expecting them in a day or two. The site also give me an option to select OnsiteGo mobile insurance, either with a screen protection or spills & drop protection coverage for 1 year. But, with few negative reviews on the above...
  3. T

    Mobile insurance

    Hi, I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or a mobile around the same price. I have had a very bad experience with screens breaking, theft etc and want to be totally insured this time. Any advice and personal experiences regarding mobile insurance? It will be a lot helpful to not...
  4. D

    Mobile insurance

    Few days back i heard from my friend about new india insurance which covers mobile. But the conditions imposed by them seems that claiming will be extremely difficult. Any info?
  5. H

    Mobile Insurance

    Hey guys, I've recently bought a Xperia ZR. Now, I want to insure my phone against theft. MobileStore only offers theft insurance for phones bought from them. The new India assurance co ltd also offers mobile insurance but I don't know if there's a better alternative available. So, I would...
  6. webgenius

    Health insurance queries

    I'm looking for a health insurance for me and wife. We both are still in our 20s. Both are employed. What insurance cover amount should we opt for? Which insurance provider is the best in terms of ease of claims settlement? I and my wife have not registered our marriage. So should we get two...
  7. A

    MBA (Insurance Management) in Pondicherry Uni !!!!

    Guys, MBA in Insurance Management from Pondicherry University. Does it offer any scope ?
  8. R

    Mobile Insurance Service Providers

    Hello, My brother recently purchased Samsung S Advance phone (he already lost a Motorola Defy on 6th day of purchase in Bangalore) and he want mobile insurance but he can`t find any Mobile Insurance Service Providers. please suggest some insurance providers.
  9. ssk_the_gr8

    Health Insurance

    So guys i'm looking for a health insurance plan. I'm looking for a cover of around 5 lacs and the premium should be around 5k. Anybody who has bought a plan must have done research on this subject. please help me out on how to select the best plan.What plans should i look at? Any pointers...
  10. arsenalfan001

    Packers and Movers - Bangalore

    Hi guys, Currently I am working in Bangalore and transferred to Kolkata (finally). Need to send my stuff via packers and movers (LCD TV / WM / Kitchen Utensils / books etc). Checked with 3 of them, got quotes of 4.5K + insurance, 6.5K+ insurance and 13.3K + insurance. I need your...
  11. giprabu

    What is the windshield change cost for Wagon-R ??

    Recently a small stone struck the windshield while driving resulting in a crack. I would like to know as what would be the repair cost after claiming insurance and also, will my insurance premium raise next year if i do the claim ?? Too lazy to call those guys and ask, that is why posting...
  12. Rollercoaster

    Insurance for expensive Laptops and Mobiles

    I have just ordered a new Macbook Pro 17" for development purposes. Since Macbooks are very expensive (Rs 1,35,000), I am worried of theft/lost/damage and want to get insurance for it. I have never taken out such an insurance so I dont have much idea about how to proceed and where to get one...
  13. sid25290

    problem with HP

    I have an Compaq presario Pc Model from hp for which i have purchased extended warranty. Now i am having trouble with my motherboard and the hp customer care says we don't have the part avilable anymore, and they are going to refund the care pack money. Now what are my options isn't it...
  14. F

    Insurance Of Desktop Computers

    Hi, Has anybody any idea of Insurance of Desktop Computers in India? Please list out the names of Insurance companies for the same.
  15. iMav

    LG to provide Insurance for Mobile Theft

  16. maharajadhiraj

    Mobile Insurance?????

    I've heard that nowadays even mobile phones are being insured...Is it true??
  17. abhijit_reddevil

    No more tax rebate on LIC premium!

    At least this article today on says so: * So what other options left for me to save tax? I already have two insurance policies and seems like they will go to waste. Surely the government has become beggars and...
  18. Z

    What to do when a mobile is stolen??

    Hai friends, Someone from our hostel stole my mobile. What to do in such cases? I was having Nokia 3100 with 1 yr insurance. Will I be able to get the same mobile? Will the insurance company give money ? How much time it will take?? Please reply fast. Thanks
  19. R

    Web Designing

    Web page creation for an insurance company.
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