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Suggest me a very reliable mobile insurance scheme in India


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Hey all, I have ordered 2 phones via amazon (moto g4+ & mi5) and expecting them in a day or two. The site also give me an option to select OnsiteGo mobile insurance, either with a screen protection or spills & drop protection coverage for 1 year. But, with few negative reviews on the above mobile insurance, I haven’t selected it.

How reliable are mobile insurance schemes in India today. Since majority of phones (from both multi national & chinese) faces technical issues & having poor customer support even getting a proper care for phone in the limit of 1 year warranty is questionable nowadays.
And chances of a phone with 5+ inches falling or slipping out of hand is very high & is it worth spending 10% of a phones cost for opting for insurance? Can friends here give their feedbacks & experiences?

Some companies I found giving mobile phone insurance are
1) OnSiteGo (found mostly in amazon)
2) MymobileInsurance (by Times Global Insurance)
3) Syska Gadget Secure
4) Quick Heal Mobile Securance
5) WarrantyAsia.net
6) GadgetCops
7) New Inda Assurance
8) MobileAssist
9) AppsDaily
10) syncNScan
11) WarrantyBazaar

I guess besides these, there are brand protection schemes from Lenovo (have seen their laptop protection advertisements, not sure about mobiles) & MI (Mi Protect)

Most of them claim the following benefits in their coverage
1) Theft / Fire / Accidental drops / Malfunction
2) Free replacement of damaged screens & spare parts
3) Coverage from spill of water & rain damage
4) Free home pick up & delivery & pickup in 4 to 8 hours of claim
5) Some claims to issue new handset if it cannot be repaired

Are they all worth enough to pay 10% & seeing many negative reviews, I am confused on selecting a right mobile plans. Please guide me on this

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Mobile insurance companies in India aren't worth indulging with imo. Two of my friends have bad experiences with them. They will try to find a way not to pay you. Mobile insurance companies are not strictly regulated by IRDA as they regulates the life and health insurance sector. Better to avoid paying 10% to them and use it else where.


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Any of these mobile insurances are not worthy at all as of now. When I bought such a policy 3 mobiles ago, the shopper had actually tricked me to buy it. As I'm not aware of such things and thinking that this might come in handy, so I had purchased them. But there were no issue during the mobile's 1st year warranty period.

These insurance companies make good money by making customers fear for their mobiles and making them to buy these policies. But when there comes the real issue, they will somehow find a loophole and say 'your mobile does not cover...' or 'the repair is not valid because of blah blah blah...', etc. Those customer care executives are trained very well to find a way to avoid the repair claim by any circumstances.

And lastly even if we (customer) somehow won for repair claim and submits the mobile, it will get even worse. They will keep the mobile for months and will never update us the actual current status of the repair. Customer will eventually get frustated and recall his mobile back. This is what happening mostly afaik.

I've learnt from my experience, one has to just take care of the mobile themselves inorder to avoid any damage. Imagine owning a costly rayban sunglass and using it. Would you use roughly or drop it or play around with it? If similar care if shown, then mobile may work without flaw for atleast 2-3 years. GL.


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Mobile insurance scheme is just bullshit in India. They look like deccent but they aren't at all.
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