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  1. R

    Torrent sites blocked again?

    I get this error. This site has been blocked as per the instructions of Competent Authority Anyone elase experiencing the same??? :lol:
  2. clmlbx

    Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Key For 1 Year (PC) + 6 Months for Mobile (separate keys)

    For PC visit here : Free Bitdefender 2015 For Mobile: Get 6 months free protection for your Android! Instructions: 1. Just Enter EMail 2. Enter Captcha 3. Submit to get License in your Inbox
  3. T

    Recommended ROM's for Galaxy Grand

    I need some recommended non-touchwiz ROMs for my Galaxy Grand. (4.4) Also, do I need to root the phone first? Instructions please. Its fully stock.
  4. Akira

    FM2+ motherboards for AMD steamroller machines

    So, I put off my plans to make a whole new rig for the next-gen when I saw the benchmarks for the upcoming AMD KAVERI(A10-7850K and A10-7700K)which will be released January 14,2014. Unlike Piledriver, which could only decode four instructions per module per cycle (and topped out at eight...
  5. sysfilez

    Pls help me unlock

    My nephews Micromax Funbook Infinity Model P275 got locked due to "too many pattern attempts!" unfortunately he also doesn't remember his Google Id to Unlock. This tablet doent have a Volume key. I have the data cable to connect it to the pc. I have tried instructions given on the net to...
  6. D

    FFdshow - why so many updates

    Firstly not easy to get to changelog of ffdshow. most download links don't have it upfront - further i don't see the need for updating these at all as no optimization or bug as such being fixed. except for if new sse instructions that come up in newer x86 processor and ffdshow pick that assembly...
  7. C

    Problem with port forwarding

    I wanted to do port forwarding on my router but it isn't working. I've set up a static ip first, by putting all the details like IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway in TCP/IPv4 properties, in Local Area Connection properties. Then I opened my router's GUI to configure the port forwarding...
  8. T

    assassins creed 2 installation problem .arc file

    hello guys, i bought an ac2 cd and it had just this RAR file. i extracted it and then when i read the instructions from the read me and followed them some error is showing...here are the screen shots
  9. V

    bsnl penta T-pad is701r boot problem

    I recieved my bsnl tab a week back it was working properly till i thought to restart it. Now the tab gets hang on the boot screen itself!:evil: From the pantel support i got the below instructions https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B1ecPgcLz140VXg3RDdJY2QyR0k But in iuw utility file it is...
  10. Cilus

    Reason of Poor performance of Bulldozer in Windows 7

    Well, after lots of recent interests shown here about the reasons of Bulldozer's poor performance, I thought it is the time for a detailed explanation. In this article I have only discussed the Windows 7 Scheduling problems with Bulldozer modules but there are other reasons too. One can be...
  11. S

    Nokia X6-00 FW porting to Nokia C6-00 FW

    Hey their everyone! From last few days i am thinking of porting my Nokia X6's FW to a CFW of Nokia C6's and while looking for the instructions, I found the following link: Nokia 523x,5530,5800,X6-ALL RM's-C6 Unleashed Tribute Since I'm noob to FW porting, I want to know that can this FW...
  12. Cilus

    Everything about Threading; Single Thread to Bulldozer

    Hi Guys, Here is the article about Threading I've promised earlier. It is the lengthiest article by me till date but the most elaborated and informative one too. Tried to explain everything without using jargons so that it can be understood by mass. Please have your patience and go along with...
  13. T

    What To Do After You Buy An Ipod, Iphone, Ipad Cybernautes

    Here is what you do after you buy An Ipod, Iphone, Ipad: (With Instructions) See Here
  14. P

    how to play java (.jar file) on PC with keyboard

    this is not exactly a tutorial but a very good software to play/emulate java (.jar file) on computer instructions at rar file itself LINK HERE
  15. hluachawngthu

    Tell me about how to use Hiren boot CD 9.2

    In order to make my System more stable, I want to use Hiren Boot CD 9.2 for creating an image. But I do not know how to use. When I boot it from CD, I don't know which is to be selected and many others. Please tell me about the step-by-step instructions to use Hiren boot CD 9.2.
  16. Desmond

    How to forward a port for uTorrent using BSNL DataOne?

    Guys, I have a BSNL DataOne Broadband connection. My problem is that I can't get uTorrent to download anything (Other clients don't help, either). I have followed the instructions as per the Port check function in uTorrent, but don't know how to configure my ADSL Modem using DataOne's control...
  17. S

    software installation in suse

    I have installed suse 10.3 but for playing pm3 songs i download mpg123 software for linux.I also install that by using their instructions, But i can't see that software on my system , after installation, give me another method to install software on suse
  18. chicha

    in-game video recorder.

    i need to know what software is good to record in-game. i have installed FRAPS but i am not able to record. please also give instructions. thank you.
  19. I


    Hello I want to know how can I know the instructions set ( assembly) of my computer
  20. M

    Opyum, the fedora offline package manager

    I hereby announce the first stable release of Opyum, the Fedora Offline Package Manager, version 0.0.2. Opyum (pronounced 'opium') provides a set of tools to enable users, who do not have a good network (eg., Internet) connection at their ready disposal, to easily install new packages or...
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