1. C

    [Query] WD Hard Disk RMA query

    I ordered WD 500 GB HDD from FlipCart. It overheats and Im unable to install OS. Frustrated with it. I bought it 1 month ago but assembled PC 3 days back. Still unable to configure anything or get PC working as I cannot even install OS. How does RMA works with FlipCart. I'm worried that I lost...
  2. toad_frog09

    Installing OS through a card reader.

    I am aware that one can install an OS using a pen drive. Now, I don't have one and I want to change my 32 bit windows 7 to 64 bit. I have a card reader and a 4 GB memory card. Is there any way I can install an OS using those?
  3. C

    Electic Shock in Cabinet and WD Hard Drive not found in BIOS.

    Hi friends. I assembled a new computer. I switched on computer and then tried to install Windows 7 using CD. It did partition of the new HDD and trying to install OS. After it completed 25%, generated error that it is unable to find some system file. I tried again and this time some other system...
  4. Gauravs90

    Installing Ubuntu on USB Flash Drive (Not Live)

    Here I'm going to explain on how to install a fully working linux specifically Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on USB Flash drive Pro's of installing linux in a USB flash drive--- 1. Linux is a great OS which can run on a variety of computers without the need of additional drivers unlike windows where...
  5. root.king

    linux in usb

    how to install ubuntu 10.10 in 16gb usb with live dvd
  6. bijay_ps

    ubuntu installation through live cd

    Hello friends I am trying to install ubuntu 12.04 alongside with windows through a live cd. But when I click on the icon "install ubuntu 12.04 LTS" and go next. It gives me a message that there is no operating system detected on this PC. And when I click on "something else" I can't see my...
  7. ankit.kumar010203

    I Don't Able To Install Ubuntu In My Laptop?

    Hi I am New To This Forum...Its My 3rd Post... I Can't Able To Install Ubuntu In My HP PAVILION DV6 6123tx Laptop?I Have Created Bootable Pen Drive Using Unetbootin But I Can't Able To Install It. When I Restart My Laptop,Keeping Pendrive Plugged And After Continuous Press of F2 0r F12...I...
  8. S

    Insatll Wine in Ubuntu

    I want to install Wine in my system. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Please tell me how to install it using Synaptic manager and also from Terminal. And also how I can use windows programs using Wine.
  9. A

    Virtual pc installation problem.

    Hey guy's I try to install windows 8 consumer preview on a virtual PC I use VMvare for it the setup start normally & its actually 10% complete but the power failures crash the installation now I am facing one problem here, I retry to install windows 8 on virtual PC but it gave me the error "your...
  10. R

    How to install Windows on new PC?

    Hello guys. Tomorrow I will be buying my assembled PC.I would like to know that how do we install windows on a brand new system. I know how to install the windows but here I am concerned about the BIOS settings.I will install windows 7.
  11. U

    Install Windows in GPT

    I don't know if this should go in hardware or software, but as it's mostly firmware/bios relates (i think), I opted to post it here. I have a server HP ProLiant DL120 Generation 7 LFF server at hand. It is configured with 4 3TB SATA HDD in RAID 10. I had it working fine with CentOS. But I...
  12. A

    Windows 8 installation error

    Hi, I tried to install the Windows 8 consumer preview that came with the Digit's June 2012 edition and the error message was shown as follows, Blocking Issues: You cannot use this setup program to install the .NET Framework Can u pls help me out to solve the problem...
  13. bittutora

    How to Install 3 Operating Systems ?

    Hi.Friends. I want to install Windows 8 & Windows 7 Ultimate(32 and 64 bit) on my HDD just for trying and exploring differences & features on them. I have 5 separate partitions on my 500 GB HDD and I have emptied 3 of them for this purpose. And I have all the 3 OSes on separate DVDs. **Now...
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