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How to install Windows on new PC?


Hello guys.
Tomorrow I will be buying my assembled PC.I would like to know that
how do we install windows on a brand new system.
I know how to install the windows but here
I am concerned about the BIOS settings.I will install windows 7.


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1)Insert CD
2)When the computer turns on it automatically takes you to the installation.
3)Follow the on-screen steps :)

Thanks to SAM who taught me how to install


@serpent16 And I am that SAM..(Joking)
Dude I know how to install Windows.I was talking about settings in BIOS.
@meetdilip Only this much is needed?


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^^ yeah. Just make sure that first boot device is set to DVD drive. And 2nd boot device is set to HDD.

After that when you will exit BIOS (saving the changes) just insert the DVD. And computer should take the installation of Windows from the disk.
Only first time you need to boot from disk. And when the PC is rebooted (during the installation) don't press any key to boot from disk again (where it ask in start, Press a key to boot from disk...).

I think enough info for now! :)

Vignesh B

^^ AFAIK even setting the boot order is not necessary. Since the hard disk in question will be unpartitioned the DVD drive would be automatically checked for boot files after checking the HDD.
Just leave the BIOS in default settings unless you are using some RAID configuration.


^^leaving the bios in default settings i ok but it is best to set CD/DVD to 1st boot priority because if in future you need to install some other OS, then the pc will boot the hdd even if you have inserted a dvd if the hdd option is set to a higher priority than the ODD.
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