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5.1 Speakers - Creative or Other

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Hi guyz,

Looking for a 5.1 Speaker Set. Preferred models:

Creative Inspire 5200
Creative Inspire M5300
Creative SBS A500
Creative Inspire T6060
Creative Inspire T6100
Creative Inspire T6200

Any other brands welcome. Don't need any fancy setups. Just a normal 5.1 set that works with normal sound card. Budget depends on model and condition.

Location: Kochi, Kerala.

Payment method: NEFT


I Am Jack's Assembly Line
I might have just the thing for you. The Creative Inspire 5200. They have been used heavily for some 5 years now, so they are not pretty to look at, but they still keep on rocking. The music output is simply awesome across all categories; music, movies, and games. In fact, I bought the external sound card specifically so that I could connect these with my laptop. They worked well with the desktop's sound card. I will snap some pics later today, or tomorrow, and post them if you are interested. Asking price 900/- + shipping.
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