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2013 will witness a new avatar of computing: Intel


News from Hindu

Leading chip maker Intel on Monday said it sees “renewed vigour” in forms and designs of computing devices like tablet PCs and convertibles in 2013 as input methods like voice and touch gain traction.

“Intel foresees a renewed vigour in computing in 2013 in the highly connected multi-device landscape. Traditional input devices like keyboards and mouse will be challenged by new input methods like voice and gesture recognition,” Intel South Asia Director (Marketing) Sandeep Aurora told reporters here.

Tablets, convertibles and newer devices will enter the market blurring the boundaries between PCs and tablets, he added.

Intel, which has a lion’s share in the global computer chip market, will launch its fourth generation of Intel Core processor family in 2013.

This, it claims, will bring faster, thinner, lighter, cooler and more secure systems with built-in graphics.

“The new generation of processors will significantly boost performance of devices from mobiles to tablets to Ultrabooks. As the world of personal computing continues to evolve, Intel will be at the forefront of advancements,” he said.

In March this year, Intel had partnered with handset maker Lava to launch XOLO X900, which marked the chip maker’s global foray into the smartphone segment. Also, lighter and less power consuming laptops —— Ultrabooks —— based on Intel processors hit the global market.

“Ultrabooks were launched in later part of the year and we think 2013 will be the year, we get to truly understand their potential. We will also see device makers bringing out ultra book convertibles (which converts into a tablet),” he said.

Also, Intel will focus on the National Digital Literacy Mission in India, its initiative with industry body Nasscom and other industry players, to create a digitally literate population in the country.

“Intel has impacted over 1 million learners through its Intel Easy Steps Digital Literacy programme in India in 2012.

We remain committed to working with the ecosystem and will work towards fulfilling the government’s vision of having one e—literate person per household by 2020,” Aurora said.

Source: The Hindu : Sci-Tech / Technology : 2013 will witness a new avatar of computing: Intel


In the zone
Can I say Intel is going through Marketing myopia, they have the money they have the people and most importantly they have the tech yet they are not performing in arm soc market. If its going like this I have to say this is the beginning of the end for Intel inside....just like Xerox company. So sad to see Intel go


Broken In
Its requirement of time to get latest innovation over tablets, smartphones.

Everyone want to be high tech in current time of rapidly changing Tech. Will Look for Intel devices if there is really uniqueness.
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