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Career Based Forum For Sale.

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Wise Old Owl

Url: www.careertalk.in

Description: Its a career based forum and provides them platform for discussions and offers resources.

I am selling it because I don't have time to make it grow.

Forum Stats ( as on Feb 6, 2007 1:00 PM IST):
Members: 823
Threads: 630
Posts: 1,052
Most Users Online: 91 on 5 Nov, 2006.

Awstats Info:


Revenue Info:

Also earned 60$ via sale of a link ClickJobs.com on header.


What is Included?

1. Forum's Database complete.
2. vbulletin license(expiring somewhere september 2007)
3. vbseo license
4. vbskinworks license
5. Hosting for 2 months so that you can easily get it transferred to your host.
6. Domain Name: Registered at www.businessx.in

Post your offers...I have this sale atleast for next week.

Starting BID: 450$. BIN: 1100$.

Paypal preferred.


In the zone
Regarding your adsense stat. Your earning from careertalk.in since 1st Aug is $105. But it is not clear when this screenshot is taken.

Is it frm 1st Aug 2006 to 6 Feb 2007?

Please clarify what is your per day earning from this forum.

Also what your traffic source, is it directly from search engine or from some campaign. If possible please give the screenshot of your referral also.
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