1. D

    GTA 4 has stopped working..

    I have updated latest drivers. Since then gta 4 doesn't work although it runs in inbuilt gfx card..My gfx card is 2gb gt 630m.
  2. A

    3G Sim Portable Router

    Please suggest a 3G Sim Portable Router, self powered (i.e. wall charger type not with an inbuilt battery)
  3. ajayritik

    Need a decent Cabinet

    My recent cabinet got damaged and I'm looking for a decent one. I dont want any high end since I'm not into gaming etc. Also I remember we get some with Power Supply inbuilt and some which are without power supply and I think its suggested to go for one without power supply. Will appreciate...
  4. T

    Wireless Portable Speakers (with inbuilt battery)

    Hi guys, I want to buy one of those small portable wireless speakers with the inbuilt battery, which connect over Bluetooth. Max= 5k to spend.
  5. H

    Python interactive interpreter finally adds tab completion

    cpython: d5ef330bac50 About time too. You could do it earlier but you had to explicitly import it. It was not inbuilt.
  6. aaruni

    Speakers for TV

    I want to get new speakers as the speakers inbuilt in the TV are not very good.
  7. vetdrchandan

    5.1 Channel sound system

    I want to buy a home theater for my PC. Presently I am using 5.1 system by videocon but now i want to change it. My budget is around 5000INR and also if that system comes with inbuilt FM. Thanks in advance
  8. ramakanta

    integrated UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA

    i want to buy a laptop . is there any laptop having integrated UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA card . please help me which company has inbuilt UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA card with SIM slot facility. thank you.
  9. MatchBoxx

    Headphones with inbuilt mic @ Rs. 6000 [Kolkata]

    I need a headphone within Rs. 6000, with inbuilt detachable mic (or similar attachment like Siberia V2). I'm a hardcore music buff. I listen to retro, hard-rock, Metal, Goregrind (you get the drift??). I will use it to chat online as well as play games! Please suggest.
  10. W

    Headphones with Mic For LG Optimus P500

    Hi Guys, Recently I had my stock earphones completely broken, so I am looking for a new earphone with an inbuilt microphone for my LG P500. Any suggestions will be welcome. Suggestions for earphone without microphone will also be welcomed. Cheers.
  11. R

    How is Sony DCR-SX44E/R Camcorders?

    I m planning to by this camcorder.Is it good?Also it provides 4GB inbuilt memory.With MPEG-2/PS format how long can it record?
  12. S

    Headphone/Mic combination port

    I recently bought a laptop and it has a single common port for both headphone and mic. Is there any device that is compatible with this port? I don't want to use the inbuilt microphone.
  13. M

    monitor with speaker under 10000

    Hi all, I plan to buy a led back-lit full hd lcd monitor with inbuilt speaker. Please suggest a monitor under 10000 with good review or experience. and also please answer following queries : Is 2 " screen space makes much difference as between 19 & 21.5 inches ? Is it worth buying...
  14. Anand_Tux

    built-in Bluetooth not working

    My brother has a laptop model no HP G62-361TX. It's inbuilt bluetooth is not working. For using bluetooth I have to installed the software provided by HP website. But the problem is that the software from the website does not enable it either it just make a interface from which I have to add new...
  15. Y

    Please suggest 10"-11" Netbook

    I want to buy a mini laptop. Purpose- Internet surfing/downloading, working on office and pdf documents. Should be able to run time pass games like Mario etc. OS can be DOS as I have XP Service pack 3. Is there any with inbuilt Optical Drive? If not please also suggest some portable one for...
  16. P

    Call recorder for java

    I have a sony ericsson k550 i need a call recorder software... since it supports only java applications i want a java call recorder app. It don't like the inbuilt call recorder because it keeps beeping every 20 seconds.. can anyone please help ?
  17. K

    Need a Handsfree cum GPS receiver.

    I got home buying a new phone but it lacks GPS. I'm looking forward 2 buy a handsfree with an inbuilt GPS Chip. Is any available in the stores? If yes for how much can I get one.
  18. giprabu

    Guys.. Suggest me a netbook under 18k...

    Must haves :::: 1) Wifi-n card 2) Inbuilt Bluetooth 3) Battery should last for atleast 6hrs under full load.. 4) Inbuilt webcam (not vga) 5) 1 GB RAM and 160 GB HDD (i think this is basic in all netbooks) I know these kits cant handle 1080P videos, but will they be atleast able to run...
  19. R

    which is the smallest cabinet possible???

    hi guys i need a pc for my office. since i have less space on my desk i need a compact cabinet that does not take much space. i checked those inbuilt pcs from dell and lenovo. but i wanted to configure the pc myself. plz suggest something.
  20. ashish1224

    CPU, MoBo & RAM within 6.5k

    Well friends I am upgrading an old PC and I am pretty tight on the budget:cry: Will need the thee within Rs 6500. Processor: I have no preference or prejudices for either AMD or INTEL. Anything which is better bang for bucks will do. Motherboard: Must have decent inbuilt graphics(as...
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