1. nac

    Need to recover corrupted files - Help

    Long story short - Files I have created, modified on my last use (of PC) have gone corrupted. I have back up, but they are 2 months old. I spend a lot of time to rebuild some of the things I lost and some are not that important so I didn't bother get them back. I thought it's over, but now I see...
  2. M

    New router needed for a good home range

    I was using a Linksys 54G wifi router which ran without any issue for about 8 years. Now I need a new one that meets my requirements as follows: - Coverage for a 3 bhk house about 1800 sq feet (so will have walls in between) - There are up to 2 computers, 2 tabs and 2 phones connected...
  3. Desmond

    Net Neutrality Discussion

    What is Net Neutrality and why is it important to all of us? A: * Just like Comcast, Airtel is planning on violating Net Neutrality by introducing Airtel Zero. A service wherein end users would be able to access services by Airtel partners free...
  4. D

    Problem with micro SD card

    I have micro SD card which I use as pendrive with the help of card reader. Recently, it has got corrupted. Whenever I plug it in my computer it shows that the drive has to be formatted. I have some important data in it. I want to recover data before formatting it. I have googled for it. But...
  5. A

    Website seo for Multicountry?

    Hi guys, I want to know How to promote the single .com website for all countries in world? What are the content and on page technique for this and most important which Geographic target to select under Google webmaster tool.
  6. Siddharthtech

    Need a new gaming laptop

    Hey there! I've just qualified for engineering (IIT Kharagpur :razz:) and need a new lappy for the next four years. My requirements, in order of preference are: 4th Gen Ci7 above 2.2Ghz, turbo boost to minimum 3Ghz (Similar AMD proc would do) 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM Good GPU, anything above GT850M...
  7. Charley

    Mobiles below Rs.20,000

    1. I want to buy an Android phone, below Rs.20,000. Brands include Nokia, SE, Samsung, HTC, etc Battery & camera should be excellent, HD preferable, big display & all important features. 2. I have HTC Explorer presently looking to exchange with the new one. Any good shops in Bangalore...
  8. C

    Partitioning 2 TB HDD

    What is the recommended way of partitioning a 2 TB HDD ? Should i make it 2 * 1 TB partition or just one 2 TB partition ? Is there any advantages/disadvantages of doing so ? Like large disk take more time to disk check or chance of FAT/MBR corruption etc ? I am going for 2 * 2 TB HDD (i...
  9. doomgiver

    Need a computer monitor around the 7-8k mark.

    shortlist : Dell IN1930 Dell IN2030M (OOS on flipkart) Dell S2240L (waaay out of budget, at 9.5k, but if there is a dealer in delhi who sells for less, do let me know) you know what everyone needs, biggest screen in budget with highest picture quality. also, hdmi/dvi are important...
  10. harshilsharma63

    Need suggestions regarding M.Tech.

    hi. I'm currently pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science form a private engineering college. As of now, I have NO plans of pursuing M.Tech. I want to know is doing M.Tech. really important? Also, please guide regarding what is asked in the entrance exam (I think it's GATE, but not sure). Thank you.
  11. quan chi

    Queries about HDD RMA.

    Hi guys i have a 250gb WD HDD. which recently went bad i think. Since during a download from torrent i got redendancy error and then after re-booting it is not showing up in the window. Anyways it contained some important infos too. What i want to ask is if i give it for RMA then will there be...
  12. A

    Help regarding some subjects

    I am a student of ECE. I got selected in TCS. They have asked to prepare for subjects like UNIX, Web technologies, database concepts, JAVA. I have no idea about these subjects except JAVA. Since the time is too short, can anyone suggest me some good tutorials (mainly pdfs) or provide me some...
  13. R

    HD 7870 OC 2GB or VAPOR-X HD 7950 OC

    I'm torn between these two cards. My prior plans were to go for the 7870, but apparently 7950 is also affordable. I'm no hardcore gamer, but I wanna play games in full HD 1080p in High/Ultra settings on a single monitor. If I go for the 7950, it's gonna be heavy on my budget, and also would...
  14. I

    Need a laptop around 28k

    screen size - any Weight - around 2 kg Processor - equivalent to any ci3 Ram - 4 gb Graphics -equivalent to 512 mb (may be integrated )*** :-x not so important :-x battery backup -- MOST important --around 4.5 hrs In india -kolkata or online
  15. anirbandd

    [URGENT] Locked out of Files/Folders - Win 7 - HELP!!

    Hi all, I have a p/w protected admin acc. I created a Guest account for my dad to use the comp while im not around. I tweaked a few user access controls via the Security tab on Properties dialog on my main storage partition [E: drive], and by mistake selected the "Users" group and made all the...
  16. K

    Samsung 32F6400 or Sony 32W670a

    guys, I am planning to buy a 32 inches TV(2013 model) in the next month. So I have decided to go for either samsung or sony but I am unable to finalize between these two models. Samsung 32F6400 and Sony 32W670a after a research and analysis on TV's, found that 2 tv's are having 100hz refresh...
  17. S

    Tablet buying advice needed (Under 10k)

    I am looking forward to buy a tablet , just for fun. I need something to play with when I am not using my PC. Price must be under 10000 RS What I need is good battery backup good display (7" / above with good resolution and color) Performance is important important... I will be using...
  18. K

    which one to buy?

    hello, I want to buy an Ultrabook, which should have an decent performance as well as start up time. Also one important thing to be added is that I want an gaming Ultrabook, means i need an discrete graphics card in it,not like Intel HD graphics 4000,etc.I have researched on internet about it...
  19. R

    Need to buy laptop within 2 days....pls help

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 35k inr 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? or less Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like:HP,Dell b. Dislike:Asus 4) What are the...
  20. CommanderShawnzer

    Diablo 3 Starter edition worth downloading?

    just the question asked in the title bcoz i have more important games downloading and do you reach level 13 fast?
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