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  1. patkim

    Vaio - USB Mouse prevents standby mode

    I have Vaio VPCYB15AG with Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit. The laptop does not get into standby mode despite idle time reached when USB mouse is connected to it. Is this behavior 'by design' for laptops or a software/hardware bug? Remove the mouse and it goes to standby mode after specified idle time.
  2. V

    i3 4150 Idle and Full load temps?

    Please let me know your i3 4150 idle and peak temps. How much diff would it make if the PC cabinet is placed in Room temperature.?
  3. R

    Pc restart while gaming

    Hi all, Got a new righ 4 days back with this config Amd fx 6300 gigabyte DS3p hyperx blu 8 gb corsair VS550P XFX R9 270x 2gb The pc runs fine in normal use but i start gaming it will automatically switch off. Alswo the idle temp is very high. I am attaching the screenshot to this post...
  4. Aravind92

    Max temp for r7 260x?

    Bought a new Sapphire radeon R7 260x 2gbb ddr5.What should be idle and load temps on this card?\I live in chennai. Ran a furmark burn in for 15 minutes and the Gpu reached a max of 92 degrees.Really concerened about the temperature. Its a new card.Here is my whole config: I3-3220 gigabyte...
  5. D

    i7 4770K overclocking review and advise

    Hello, MY Rig is as follows i7 4770K Asrock Z87 Fatal1ty 4x4 Kingston HyperX Red Seasonic M12 750 Watt Corsair H100i PowerColor 7750 I was running everything at stock and I was checking my voltage via CPU-Z it showed Idle voltage at .800 volts and full load voltage ( 3.8 Ghz @...
  6. furious_gamer

    Pantech Burst Battery Issue

    I recently purchased Nexus 5, so i gave my Burst to my wife. Till i used the phone, the battery backup was good and i never had any issue. But after i purchased N5, for a couple of week or so, it was kept idle, means no charging, no one was taking care of it. Now, it is been used by my wife for...
  7. true_lies

    c2q temp difference

    i have my intel c2q q6600 clocked currently @2.7 GHz. previously i used to check my temps with Real Temp GT (ver 3.7). The idle temps remained between 55 and 60 C during the summers without A/C. I was looking to overclock it further to @3 GHz. Recently i installed SpeedFan (ver 4.49) as well...
  8. F

    Which Cooler do i get!!!(urgent)

    1)Deepcool ICEEDGE 400 XT 2)Noctua NH-U9B SE2 92mm SSO CPU Cooler 3)Cooler Master Hyper 412 Slim Cooler I am Have a Coolermaster CMP350 Case (It's damn small i guess for a 212 Evo) Asrock 990FX extreme3 AMD FX8350!! My Current Idle temps around 40c My Budget is 4-5k(Cheaper the better :D)...
  9. dud3rulz

    High CPU consumption after applying thermal paste!

    Hi guys, I applied Cooler master thermal paste to my CPU and GPU of Dell XPS 15 laptop. Oddly, i noticed a bump in CPU usage than before. At idle my CPU consumption was less than 5% (no programs running). Now it constantly uses above 30% at idle. Also, a USB port stopped working. Can anyone...
  10. Thetrueblueviking

    Whats wrong with my rig ? CPU @ 100 deg :(

    No gaming, no cpu intensive apps and still computer lagging even while playing 720p movies. Is it a virus ? Should I try formatting ? And most annoying - idle temps as high as 100 deg. I am using stock Intel cooler. Probably you re going to say - go get a after-market CPU cooler; But I think...
  11. sukesh1090

    HD 6670 temperature inquiry

    I have a MSI 6670 with two fan cooler.those fans were making hell lot of noise even after disabling one.so yesterday i removed the cooler now it has only the aluminium heatsink over it no fans.basically now it is passively cooled.now my idle temp is 42C and load temp is 80C for 1 hour gaming.so...
  12. sling-shot

    Idle memory usage - Nokia E6 and other Anna phones?

    What is an acceptable idle memory usage for a Nokia E6? Currently mine hovers around 170 - 190 MB. I am on Symbian Anna. This is with no visible programs running in the task switches except Ram Info. I had to look into this after running into repeated Gen Memory Full errors with Opera...
  13. K

    CPU Cooler for Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.4 GHz (Prescott)

    For the past 6 years my Intel Pentium 4 (550) HT 3.4 GHz (Prescott) CPU Cooler was working fine, for the past couple of months the fan speed is not able to cross 2000 RPM while previously it use to idle at 3500 RPM and go as much as 4100 RPM at high loads. Now the CPU core goes at 78 degree...
  14. smashingdude

    Processor query!

    So, I've got the phenom II X2 560. I ran the Prime test for nearly 6 hours and the proccy temperature maxes at around 53*C. Idle is around 35*C. I live in Delhi, so temperatures are fairly high this time of the year. So, are these temperatures normal?
  15. mikeyaxe

    I5 Processor Temps too high 66-70 degree on IDLE :(

    hey Guys... it seems my i5 2500k processor is getting very hot, and on windows it sumtimes touches 79 degree, when that happens windows automatically closes all running application..mostly games.. earlier on I had some trouble with my pc ..as in this tread...
  16. ritvij

    laptop cpu temp 73C

    my dell xps 15 is running at 73 C in idle mode.. should i be worried?
  17. B

    need help regarding proper memory usage of RAM

    Hi! my cpu configuration is below- amd athlon x2 260 3.2 ghz proceesor 4gb starlite ddr3 1333 ram gigabyte 78lmts2p motherboard iball lpe223-400 smps lg l1515s tft monitor i have windows 7 ultimate 64bit...at startup or any other time even when the cpu is idle the cpu meter (gadget) is...
  18. ParaXite

    Few questions.

    I am new to laptops so i decided to start a new thread to get some of my questions answered. 1. Can laptop components handle higher temperatures than desktop counterparts? My CPU spikes to 85*C while gaming (coolsense on coolest mode) and 55*C while idle. (Note: My room temperature is 37*C)...
  19. dibya_kol

    Is my idle temp too high ?

    hi all, don't know is this the proper section to ask this question or not. I had installed cm hyper 212 evo couple of weeks back and i was busy for a few days so unable to monitor my cpu temp. But last night i noticed that my idle cpu temp at hardware monitor is arround 48-50c(i5-2500k...
  20. patkim

    MS Communicator - How to Hide Idle time

    Is anyone using/familar with Microsoft Communicator 2005 (Instant Messenger tool) After predefined interval of inactivity, the status changes to 'Away' however along with it also shows the last active time since when the status is idle. like Status Away - Idle Since 3:00 PM Is there any way...
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