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Pantech Burst Battery Issue


Excessive happiness
I recently purchased Nexus 5, so i gave my Burst to my wife. Till i used the phone, the battery backup was good and i never had any issue. But after i purchased N5, for a couple of week or so, it was kept idle, means no charging, no one was taking care of it. Now, it is been used by my wife for last 5 days and she is complaining that, battery backup is pathetic.

She charged the phone in morning and even when it is kept idle, the charge will drain by evening. Now, that is weird. Did somebody face these issues before? It was surprising, because till i have my hands on this phone, it was working like a gem, but after keeping it idle for some time, it is behaving differently.

Anyone have faced same issue, who can give solution to this?


check if the phone has background apps, GPS and other network antenas enabled which drain the battery.

Disable those apps which your wife doesn't uses using Titanium backup. also remove them from startup.
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