1. sujeet2555

    [Open] some context menu items are disabled/missing

    i have window 7 64bit .i tried some softwares for explorer transparency and "Windows 7 Folder Background Changer" .they were not successful ,so i removed them . now i am facing 3 problems:- 1.there was "large icon ,medium icon ,classic icon " menu item missing on desktop right click menu...
  2. sling-shot

    Strange icon in Notification bar 2

    Any idea what is this for?
  3. A

    launching internet sidebar icon isues

    my bsnl bottom bar internet connect icon these days takes a long time to lunch(open).i am on bsnl bbnd only in non wi fi mode.what to do
  4. R

    msg notification doesn't go even after reading it

    I have a galaxy core. The problem is minor but a problem is a problem. As you all know The msg icon in the home screen will show the no. of unread msgs if any. Now this number at the corner of the msg. icon should get erased after i read the msgs in the inbox. But its not. It only goes after i...
  5. K

    How do I remove the time stamp next to my mobile icon on facebook?

    How do I remove the time stamp next to my mobile icon on facebook? using android... I want to remove the time stamp that appears next to my mobile phone icon. I don't like how my friends list is able to see every single time I've last logged in.
  6. H

    How to remove this "Windows Script Host" Error? - Please Help

    pop up when startup pop up when i click any program and icon on start menu and desktop Please Help :'(
  7. A

    i Pad 3-Voice dictation is Absent!!!!

    Hii friends i have bought an ipad 3 two days ago. Before buying the ipad the salesman in the store gave me a an intro to it and explained some features. The one feature i like is the Voice Dictation. After buying the i pad 3 i i found that there is no voice dictation icon in The Notes or...
  8. kool

    How to change any Folder Icon in windows 7 ..?

    I want to change all HTML, JPG icon of my choice. Also want to change few folders of my choice like among 20 folders i want to change 2 folder to special one type. like this::: How can i install icon style/set to my system like this?
  9. S

    Icon changer

    I have sony ericsson cedar.i want the icon changer and menu orientation theme . Where can i get this ?pls rply.......
  10. D

    NXG Tab having a little distortion due to diff resolution ratio.

    has anybody seen that the /loading Round round/ symbol when google play is started is actually not exactly circular on NXG Tab. Even the circular icons – /browser icon, Music Icon, Browser icon/ are not exactly circular. i checked on android phone and all such icons were exactly circular but not...
  11. K

    No Audio Output Device is installed

    Hi All, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit. Last few days I am getting I am getting rec cross on the audio icon, If I take my mouse on that icon, I get the following message. "No Audio Output Device is installed". I have tried everything, updating the driver, uninstalling &...
  12. A

    partition table

    partition woes I accidentally deleted the partitions on my desktop. Is there any way to get them back without loosing the content? "Manage" option of my "my computer" icon says the partitions are deleted and i have unalloted space instead.
  13. H

    My computer not recognising my cd dvd drive

    please help me whenever i insert my dvd into my computer it takes time to read out then when i click dvd drive icon it says insert disc. please help me i have tried all the dvds in my house.
  14. win32.tr0jan

    Themes and Icon packages

    Which is the best theme and icon manager for XP,that does not compromise much on performance?
  15. justme101

    Recycler virus!!! Help!

    A friend of mine has the problem with this virus. Any folder which i sent from my pc to a pendrive appeared normal in my pc but when it was plugged into my friend's pc the icon's of the folders changed into a shortcut icon but i can still open them. And there is a folder called "RECYCLER"...
  16. IronCruz

    DVD Disk Drive Missing!!

    Hello. I recently formatted my system. And it was Successful :P . When i open My Computer DVD Drive icon is missing. I went to device manager and uninstalled the DVD RW driver. Then restarted. After restarting got the msg that DVD Drive driver Installed Successfully. But again same problem it...
  17. pra85

    hide a icon from the taskbar

    my OS is Win 7 Ultimate i want to hide the icon of Utorrent in the taskbar so that it only works in the background without being detected by anybody:mrgreen: [hide in the sense that it is not at all there ,even in the hidden icons]
  18. G

    Some kind of icon on my task bar!!

    FOr about 2 weeks i have been noticing an icon on my task bar on startup...It looks like the shape of a binocular and dissappears as soon as i hover my mouse over it....ANd recently wen i opened my XP ...after showing me the desktop it came 2 the BSOD and then it restarted and opened xp and...
  19. TSPatange_1309

    Secret Area - 255

    The word Secret Area - 255 is because we must use number 255 while creating this area. Actually Secret Area - 255 is not an official name but we can use this as a code language word. Now first you must understand the concept of the "Secret Area - 255"...lol..haha! The major...
  20. george101

    Winamp - Integration with Windows 7 Taskbar

    Win7shell is a simple plugin for Winamp, that integrates it with the new taskbar of Windows 7. As you may know the taskbar offers lots of new features, which you can read about everywhere, including here. Why would you need this? The new taskbar features were designed to improve the convenience...
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