1. NitrousNavneet

    1 Month Old Pug dog

    hi , members I have a Vodafone pug puppy to be sold,, let me know if anyone of you is interested ..... BTW it worth Rs 15000 Only:-D:-D
  2. H

    Hutch GPRS Plans Info Rqd

    I am in search of a good unlimited gprs/edge plan which offers good speed for ONLY Mobile Phone surfing and downloading. I have a Nokia E65i . I need to use the Mobile for Surfing and Email download etc. I want to know if there is any unlimited GPRS Plan either from Hutch/Airtel. I am having...
  3. M

    Vodafone opening its seperate service!!!

    Well i was looking to get a hutch plan and later convert it to corporate one but jus came to know via a frnd who went for hutch technical interview...he was offered a post in a seperate group...and according to them vodafone is going to start operating seperately........ The point is that...
  4. a_k_s_h_a_y

    hutch network and prices ??

    plzz some one give me info about hutch plans and network coverage in b'lore ! and hence k'taka i wanted to know more about its student plans anda also its sms packs sorry for creatings this thread...if it caused inconvinience to u ! hutch website does not provide much of details !
  5. R

    Hutch GPRS Settings Needed (imate)

    Hi, I need the Hutch GPRS settings for imate k-jam. please help me to configure the settings. I'd already activated hutch gprs on N70 and now I'm using imate k-jam thnx
  6. piyushp_20

    Free GRPS for Hutch users using Sony Ericsson phones

    1.Make a new profile with name HUTCH_GPRS. on more then go to settings. 3.connect using HUTCH_GPRS. 4.Internet Mode: HTTP 5.use proxy: yes 6.proxy address: 7.port number: 9401 leave username and password empty.Then press save button.Then again press more button and go to...
  7. T

    Hutch loosing the race to Airtel

    Don't you think that Hutch has stopped providing new services to its customers. Airtel has launched many a new services like Airtel messenger, SMS 2.0 for sending text messages in colored fonts, visual radio,customer care through SMS etc. while Hutch is nowhere in the race. Ask hutch customer...
  8. J

    Motorola W220 or L2?

    1.Help me choose the best fone, and specify your reason for your choice. My budget is around Rs.4000. Is there any other gud fones at this range? 2. According to you which is the best mobile network in India? Airtel, Hutch, or BSNL??
  9. C

    Connecting to yahoo messenger using Hutch GPRS , is it possible ?

    Since hutch is preactivating GPRS connections for prepaid customers, and the browsing charges are like 10p for 10KB , i wanted to know if there is a way to connect to yahoo messenger and stay online. I tried using meebo, but then the browser on my phone just doesnt allow me to enter the...
  10. iMav

    Se T630

    guys can i browse the net thru my pc via this fone using bluetooth ... secondly will this service work while roaming ... my service provider ... hutch
  11. T

    Operator logo for nokia phones

    From where can I download operator logos particulary that of Hutch ?
  12. T

    Hutch: Customer's no care (Delhi)

    I am having a hutch prepaid connection. Whenever I call customer care number 111/9811098110 from my hutch phone or another phone(Airtel), I get a message "Network Busy" and the call is dropped even before connecting. Sometimes it gets connected but I am unable to talk to the customer care...
  13. shaunak

    Get a funny message from hutch!

    This is a practically useless tut , good for a few laughs though. Take you hutch phone and type in ACT HELP as a text message and send it to 144 [toll free]. Read and smile.:p I found it out while fiddling with the gateway keywords! For those without access to a hutch phone The...
  14. S

    how to access email on my nokia 6670

    i started my hutch gprs n define my mail box by settings given by hutch but it ask or pop3 or imap no . my email address is in my frds n70 it di`t ask for it n was working fine. guys what i should do?
  15. abhijit_reddevil

    Vodafone to enter India in 6 months

    Source: * Vodafone has already bought Hutch. Now after 6 months, can we expect new connections from Vodafone itself and the Hutch logo on my phone will be replaced by the Vodafone logo?:cool:
  16. hash!!

    gprs problem on pocket pc

    i bought a dopod d600 runnin on wm5.... ddnt have a major budget so settled for this without wifi... i thot i'd rather have the slow-mo gprs... but then i hit a wall there.... hutch has activated gprs on all numbers, and the auto-config on my ppc's connection settings reads those settings as...
  17. M

    laptop as cell phone

    how do use a loptop as a cellphone..... what hardware do i need.... what softwares do i need.. any providers providing this service..... i mean indian service hutch or its likes.
  18. S

    Hutch v/s Air Tel - charges - which is Best @Mumbai

    Hello Friends, Just I send 3 messages to my Friend to Wish Holi and Hutch deduct @ 2.33 per Message (out of this 1 is to my friend in Rajasthan). So can any one explain what charges for SMS's and calls with Hutch?:mad:
  19. jatt

    hutch gprs

    hi frnds i have sony w300 cell phone i want to use gprs on hutch.please give me settings for it.customer care is totally foolish.they dont know anything.please give me gprs settings for hutch planet on sony w300.thanks in advance
  20. kalpik

    Frustrated with Hutch

    My hutch connection was disconnected yesterday without prior notification on the basis of “verification”. I cannot make any outgoing calls and SMSs even though i have a balance of around 1800 Rs. Incoming calls do not show the caller ID. Now even though i have submitted the required documents...
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