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  1. rhyansy

    MSI Dragon Fever GE62 Apache Pro

    You definitely don't want to miss this! Hurry now while supplies last!
  2. mikael_schiffer

    Optimus G for Rs20,942 on Ebay.in

    http://www.ebay.in/itm/281154704075#ht_5627wt_906 4 pieces got sold already... The seller has 100% positive feedback, and has 1 yr ServePro Warranty. Is it worth the risk,you know,not having manufacturer's warranty. Im in full tenshun, im in a hurry cuz it may get sold out soon...but im...
  3. sahil1033

    New cloud storage service 'copy' offers 20 GB space, for limited period only, HURRY !!

    Get 15 GB on signing up and get additional 5 GB on getting referred, referral link given below http://copy.com/?r=xEhClF Hurry! Offer valid for a limited period only. P.S. - You get extra 5 GB only when you sign up and install their app on desktop / mobile. EDIT: Don't forget to verify your...
  4. Ironman

    PSU Question (in a hurry)

    My System i7 4770k + z87 pro + 8 gb ram +CM CPU cooler + NZXT Phantom 410 + GPU like 7970 (After a few months) So i first selected Corsair HX 650 but the price is too high i think around 8k Q1.Should i stick with 650 w or should i lower it to 550w or 500w ? Q2.If i stay in 650w...
  5. V

    SSD @5K - urgent - buying today @3pm - 4Hours

    Hi, I need a good/decent SSD @5K +/- 200-300. Sata3 no need and Capacity 60GB+. I am thinking of Corsair Force Sata2 60GB but pricing can not be found. In little hurry, actually in good hurry - in 4 hours :P.
  6. Siddharth_1

    Confusion with graphics!

    I have a 21/21.5" TFT LCD monitor which has a resolution of 1440X990, which i run with Intel HD3000 on-board graphics. Can my monitor give good performance for an year or so? Also, suggest me a graphics card which can last for a least 5 years, within a budget of max. 17~18k. I am not in a hurry...
  7. A

    Tv Tuner

    suggest me a good tv tuner either external or internal..not more than 1.5 k..i'm getting my rig today only.. plzzz hurry
  8. karthik55859

    is it the right time or wait..plz help...need advice?

    hello guyz, coming to the point that...i am planning to buy a new midrange gaming pc...but i am confused ...about the timing ....as i googled... i came to know some of the big mobo comp.. are preparing new chipsets along with pci express 3.0....every year amd is releasing every new...
  9. pauldmps

    15 LG Optimus One are up for sale at 9.4k

    I don't want to look like advertising another forum but this is your chance to get hold of this amazing device at an awesome price here: Group Order: LG Optimus One P500 at Rs.9400/- + Shipping (With Bill and Warranty) Hurry! Only 15 pieces are available for Rs. 9400 each. Disclaimer:- I...
  10. M

    need a mobile in 17k

    please suggest me a android mobile within 17k and it should have HD video recording and should be able to play hd games like asphalt 5 hd please im in a hurry i need to buy with i this saturday please help me
  11. P

    Grab Free chocolate Giveaway

    Here is a site providing free sample chocolates to your door step at free of cost so hurry up and grap one its free and available worldwide here is the link http://tinyurl.com/samplechoco
  12. W

    SUGGESIONS for a new laptop

    Hi guys. I am about to buy a new laptop. My current one is an old hag, compaq c301TU. celeronM 1.6 @60gb HDD, 1.256 ram (added 1gig later). My budget is about 50k. slightly flexible. I will be using the machine for internet/ photoshopping. A bit of flash, downloading and some gaming will...
  13. pr.itdude

    where r we going......?? is it gud or bad...??

    In todays newspaper...i just read this...... "buddies on bed" y dont go for someone else when u can satisfy or fulfill ur needs with ur friends.......its all abt need today....!! Read the complete article...
  14. Cool G5

    Digital Camera @ Rs.14K (Very Urgent)

    Guys, I am in a hurry. Want a good digicam @ around Rs.14k. Which is the best among the following 3 ? Canon A590 IS Fuji Finepix S5800 Nikon Coolpix L16 Don't suggest canon a720 IS, SX100 IS as they are not available here in singapore. Be quick guys, I can wait only for an hour. I have to...
  15. B

    setup data one-help plz....

    As everyone have bsnl data one, plz help me to configure it using UTstarcom ADSL2+ ? I am in a hurry because till now, i have been using dial-up.......
  16. dark_king

    megaupload lifetime account

    selling megaupload life time account for 70$ . if any one interested then hurry or u miss it ..
  17. naveen_reloaded

    Delight for All Website Owners..Hurry in..!

    Hi guys are u tired of making money online ..??? with adsense??? or not getting enough clicks nor impression ..??? and which inturns road blocks to ur earning ?? FORGET IT !! here is ur chance to earn money... just by playing ads GOt it ?? just play the ads.. doesnt require...
  18. Third Eye

    Crysis beta keys are now available to all

    Only Subscribers keys remain! Crysis beta keys are now available to all for free. Go hurry and sign up http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/crysis/beta/
  19. naveen_reloaded

    bootable cd with magiciso

    guys help me ..i want to open a iso file in magiciso and want to burn it ina cd and want to make it as a bootable one.. can anyone help me ... please and hurry
  20. A

    selling a PR4l ink

    guys... i won a contest and the prize awarded was a PR4 link ... its of no use to me as i don have any site of my own and i m willing to sell it for 3 months.... quote your prize... i m in a hurry to sell it ... so swiftness would help .... thanks
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