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  1. S

    Html & Flash Templates ?

    Pls post some free sites for html and flash templates... in need of 'em !!
  2. K


    :idea: i am creating a cd in which i want to autorun a file in HTML FORMAT. HELP ME
  3. B

    How to send html file as email??

    Can any one say how to send html file as email attachment
  4. R

    My email is singing

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Hi, Do you want to send singing mail..!!!! :lol: :lol: Just paste one HTML Code into your signature in yahoomail. 1. Go to yahoo mail. 2. Mail Options 3. Signature, Check mark "View HTML source" in the signature field, and paste <BGSOUND balance=0...
  5. L

    fla in frontpage

    if i ve created a banner in flash and i want to keep the rest of the page in html how do i integrate the .fla into frontpage while designing the page?i read somewhere that i ve to use dreamweaver to integrate my flash movies but im not very familiar with the dreamweaver interface......what are...
  6. S

    Porting html to aspx

    Hi guys, I have done a prototype for a web application in html. Can you guys tell me the method/procedure/standards I should use to port the html coding to aspx ? I will be using C# as code behind. Thanks
  7. hansraj

    Please help regarding HTML pages

    lately i have started having a strange problem....... whenever i select any html file for opening it , the system hangs for about 3 secs and then the windows explorer message comes that an error has caused and do you want to send an error report. then the windows explorer blanks off and again...
  8. sujithtom

    Web Builders and Flash Designers, Help me

    I am designing some websites. 1) The first website is completely created with Flash. It may take some time to load on the internet so can you tell me how to put a loading page with a progrss bar? 2) Can you tell me with which language (HTML, XHTML,ASP etc) is the fastest. I want it to be...
  9. P

    Web programmer problem.....!

    Dear, Well i know HTML, and a bit of Java Script . Can work on Dreamveaver and Frontpage.... but i want to know more .... wht programming thing i shd learn after i know HTML... plz guide me ... will be thankful if u can give me the things to learn in a list.. cause when ever i try to learn...
  10. Ashis

    Ok Guys, Now What Is This PHP Thing ???

    What Is PHP? :x What Was Wrong With HTML? Some Body Give Some Ideas ! :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
  11. kl_ravi


    hi All, This is my first posting. Here is an interesting item. I happen to be the member of british library and I borrow computer books like PC PLUS, PERSONAL COMPUTER WORLD etc, a new feature I found was the presence of an interesting active x control called Intralaunch in html...
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